Tunehotels Penang : A sense of Home Comfort

Disclosure : This is NOT a sponsored advertorial and neither is sylistic.com/travel affiliated with tunehotels.com , though we hope we are ! 😛

If you’ve been to Penang for multiple times and wondering if there’s comfortable hotels at low prices in Penang , there’s one that you can consider, if you won’t need a TV and comfortable with the pay-as-you-use !

Tunehotels.com employ a  NO-FRILL concept which is the best choice for backpackers travelers like myself to save quite a lot on unnecessary items and pay when you need them like hair dryer .

There’s room keeping once a day from 10am to 2pm and you don’t have to clean the windows yourself ! 🙂

Of course, if we sum up the total cost of air-con , internet and hair dryer , it will cost much more expensive than the original prices ( base fare ) . But , it is still cheaper and much more comfortable than most hotels !

Tunehotels.com Penang was open in 2009 ,so it’s considered a pretty new hotel in the area ! 🙂

A deeper zoom into the hotel ! 🙂

The strange thing about this hotel is that it is the first time i see hotel’s lobby on the 2nd floor (except for shophouses budget hotels ! ) and its pretty quiet for the lobby as there’s upgrading of the food court and 7 Eleven facing the road.

And this is a not-that-hugh lobby with computers for guests to access the free internet for 30 mins each and seating areas . It’s not that comfortable actually , and a few newspapers is a suggestion to make guests feel that they are at home ! 🙂

Check in : 2 PM

Check Out : 10 AM

So, if you are staying there for just a night, it makes no point to purchase the 24 hours air-con credits as it is just 22 hours of stay . 12 hours Air-con charge at RM 13.49 while 24 hours Air-con is at RM 21 and hair-dryer rental is RM1 .

And a word of advice, do bring along your own towels, soaps and shampoos as they are not included in the room stay price. A rental of towels at RM 5 will reward you with soaps and toiletries.

Freak not, toilet papers are provided ! But there’s no cups for drinking water and no kettle to boil water for consumption. So, do be prepared to bring your own kettle if you need to , or purchase mineral water at the convenience store.

As i went with my neighbour during this trip, we have 3 people and couldn’t squeeze all of us in 1 room. So, i booked a double room for myself and this whole room was all mine !

Big comfy beds with nice environment makes you sleep well and it really did though my room ( 601 ) is suited next to the lift ! Nice hur ?

And don’t be shocked, because there’s nothing in this room except a safety deposit box . No TV , no fridge , nothing ! 🙂 But there’s a bathroom and toilet in each room , only no entertainment .

Therefore, got myself tuned into the internet when i’m bored like mad at night !

My overall experience :

It’s quite a comfortable stay and it will be good if there’s TV rentals in the room ( like those in K.K. ) and hot water kettle to boil water as i believe it is the basic amenities that guests require ! It’s a pleasant hotel to stay in if you aren’t after big rooms and for backpackers .

Believe me, it’s much more comfortable than 3 star hotels and i was worried about the condition that i can’t adapt as it was the first time staying in this kind of No frills hotel ! But it turns out to be GOOD !

And i must say, this hotel is at a great location, 5 minutes walk away from KOMTAR and many famous eateries , tau sar pia shops and NEW WORLD PARK where starbucks , food eateries at reasonable prices are next to the hotel !

For more information on this hotel chain like Bali , Kuala Lumpur , Penang and many more , visit http://tunehotels.com !

And next up will be our Xclusive reviews on TUNEHOTELS.COM DANGA BAY , JOHOR , opening in 15 May 2010 !

Stay tuned for that , coming on June 2010 here on http://sylistic.com/travel !

Feel free to leave comments as below and i will try to answer your enquries based on my experience ! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Tunehotels Penang : A sense of Home Comfort”

  1. Hi Sy Yuan,

    Thanks for your blog post. We’re glad you had a great stay with us. I can attest to the fact that you were bored in the room as you were tweeting us repeatedly with your suggestions.

    All of which, I promise we will look into and consider for the comfort of all our guests. I do suggest that next time in Penang, do get out there and eat, eat, eat more!

    You’re one of our favourite guests that always make us laugh and we look forward to welcoming you again as our guest in our Danga Bay hotel! See you soon 🙂

    Warm regards,
    Biresh Vrajlal
    PR, Marketing & Communications Manager
    Tune Hotels.com

    Sy Reply:

    Hey ! 🙂

    I felt pretty sad when i spent just one night over @Tunehotels Penang because was there in transit from hat yai !

    Will remember u guys when i get to penang ! 🙂

    Nevertheless , thanks for the great comfort and service that any other hotel wont provide quite a high standard ! 🙂

    Looking forward to my stay with my family members this June’10 n will blog once again to share with my readers !


  2. @SY: Hey! Nice to see the interior of Tune hotel as I always pass by this hotel whenever I’m in Penang!

    I’ve been wondering if my friends/relatives should stay here if they also visit Penang.

    Usually if we are in that area, we might go OLD TOWN cafe for some coffee n snacks.

    Btw, there is a very nice pastry shop selling our FAVOURITE egg tarts just opposite (across the road) the temple that is located along the same stretch as Tune hotel.

  3. @Eunice WAH !!!!!! never say early , too bad in singapore liao ! :X

    I know there’s a temple there ! Never mind, will visit penang again ! Thanks for telling me.

    Tunehotels have been quite a surprise to me too, because never expected it to be classy and beautiful and sparkling clean . Only that there’s no TV and pay for Air-con . But it shouldn’t be a problem and not that costly as compared to any other hotels !

    Yeah, old Town Cafe and Starbucks are all over Penang , in komtar and New World Park. New world park is a wonderful place to visit, if u haven’t been there. prices are surprisingly reasonable, though next to tunehotels .

  4. Hi Sy!

    Thanks for the comment and for the visit at my blogsite.

    What I love about this hotel is the cleanliness and its location. On top of it, the staff are easy to approach and I couldn’t ask for more for a budget hotel.

    I strongly recommend this hotel for those who are on a transit and for backpackers (they only need a place to sleep in as they’re always on the move) =)

  5. Hi Sy! Thanks for the visit at my blogsite and for your comment.

    Tune Hotel is an excellent product for its price. What I love about the hotel is the cleanliness in the room, its location and not to mention the lovely staff who are easy to approach with.

    This hotel is strongly recommended for those who are on a transit and backpackers (as they only need a place to sleep in as they are always on the move) =)

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    Looking forward to your blog posts and coverages !

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