Penang BEST ! Dian Xin Zhi Jia [点心之家]


Finding probably the ‘best’ dim sum ( 点心 )  in Penang ?

Well,thanks to my friend’s recommendation and walking distances from tunehotels that allow me to walk and save taxi fares , it’s about 20 minutes walk to Dian Xin Zhi Jia : 点心之家 .

It’s a last minute decision to head over there as i was with 2 folks and have to be aware of the walking distances . Hence, even the elders could walk, why not you ? :X

Till now, I feel that the hotel i stayed in was quite convenient in location and foodies .

To get to 点心之家 :

Talk a 30 minutes walk from Komtar ( 10 mins from Tunehotels ) and TURN TO LEFT when you reach PENANG PLAZA .

Walk straight all the way until you reach KDU COLLEGE on the right .

点心之家 will be waiting for you on the left . It’s hugh hawker centre so, you sure won’t miss it.

Above is the view from  KDU COLLEGE, PENANG.

What’s in @ Dian Xin Zhi Jia 点心之家 ?

Are you missing out the tasty food and you should be there ? :P

That’s how many plates of Dim Sum i ate 😛

They do have push carts and free refill of tea on your own .

Total Price of breakfast (3 person ) :: RM 21.50 = SGD 10 !!!!!

Cheap right ?

They do sell pau , bread , noodles and many more to choose from ! 🙂

I was pretty surprised that the whole hawker centre was crowded with people on a weekday , Thursday morning .

Hence, if you have the chance to drop by Penang , do head down to this 点心之家 to enjoy a whole sumptuous of dishes .


  • Reply April 10, 2010


    You should Ta Bao all the food from there to my house! wahahha…


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  • Reply April 12, 2010


    ya this is the one – Zim Sum. I went there twice. 🙂 Dim sum restaurants in Msia seem to be always crowded in the morning. If u’ve the chance, go Ipoh, great food awaiting! Also, go see the beautiful limestone caves before they are gone for profit!


  • Reply April 12, 2010


    Ohhs.. Malaysia seems to have lots of dian xin restaurants selling at much lower and reasonable prices than Singapore and tastier .

    Went before Ipoh’s dian xin too and they are nicer and crowded.

    As for limestones, went there so many times liao . Nothing much leh 😛


  • Reply April 12, 2010


    Haiz… what makes Ipoh diff from other states is the surrounding limestone hills, you don’t see such scene in other states. But more hills r being destroyed, really ugly to see a broken hill half gone.

    As for my favourite limestone cave, this is the one at Kek Lok Tong

    Long time didn’t blog about Ipoh.. feel free to view them when u r free!


  • Reply April 12, 2010


    Ipoh is famous for limestones but some are really beautiful like China’s !

    Just visited ur webby and i think i visited before about 3 years ago ?


  • Reply April 12, 2010


    China’s more beautiful! At least it has 4 seasons 😛 Actually I hate visiting the caves cos I hate the hot weather.. unless we go during evening time, but that Kek Lok Tong closes at 6pm.

    Btw, blogged abt Zim Sum before in 2008 😛


  • Reply June 14, 2010


    YUM YUM WITH THOSE DIM SUM !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Thanks for this exciting blog post ! 🙂

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