Xclusive Visit : Penang’s Ghee Hiang

Where have you been if you don’t know PENANG is famous for its Tau Sar Piah ?

For every visitor who visits Penang, it is always common to see them with bags of Tau Sar Pneah and if you’re still in the loss of what i’m talking about :

It’s a little saltish but nice aroma and taste  & i always finish the whole box within 3 days !

Total of 32 pieces in each box , selling at RM 9.50 currently at Ghee Hiang Specialty Shops.

Visited the Ghee Hiang Specialty Factory located near to the dian xin zhi jia .

Just walk straight towards the hotel , not towards Penang Plaza until you reach the junction and there it is , with a nice air-conditioned shop.

Amazingly, you just have to purchase RM25 or more for free delivery within the area .

Didn’t manage to snap any shots within the shop, as photographs aren’t allowed.

They do sell many varieties of products like oyster sauce , tau sar piah and many more ! 🙂


There’s another store known as Him Heang , but heard that Ghee Hiang is nicer , so we bought 3 boxes back to Singapore.

What do you think ? Which Tau Sar Piah is nicer ?

This will be our last stop in Penang.

Before we head off to Hat Yai and Chengdu , i’ll be coming up with the

The Budget Airlines Battle

so that you won’t be conned by budget airlines again ! 🙂

Stay Tuned !

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4 thoughts on “Xclusive Visit : Penang’s Ghee Hiang”

  1. I think you went to the right one, the famous one. Ghee Hiang is said to be better. If I could remember correctly, Ghee Hiang baker is from Him Heang or vice versa (someone told me). I like tau sar piang too, but sometimes lazy to queue up to buy them. lol

    p.s: I’ve problem with mouse clicks on your comment box.

  2. okays.. but don’t think there is a difference …

    The shop we went wasn’t anyone and no problem getting the tau sar piah 🙂

  3. perhaps in the past, we only went Penang during holidays n there were always many ppl queuing up at Him Heang!!!

    p.s: I really have problem when comes to editing the comment in your box here. ie. backspace, mouse clicks.. wonder if u’ve this problem if u try editing your comment here…

  4. Sometimes it’s like that.. dont know why.. hmmm.

    Still trying to solve it. Btws, check ur email. Emailed u something.

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