Battle between 3 Major Budget Airlines – Airasia, Jetstar , Tiger

Hey travelers !

I’m sure many of us are always sourcing out for CHEAPEST air tickets during major holidays like June Holidays or December Holidays .

Why Budget Air ?

Who doesn’t want CHEAP FARES ?

Many frequent travelers don’t feel the need of premium services like entertainment or food (which can be bought on board , and saving you MORE money ! ) for short journeys .

But have you ever wondered , Cheap so what ? Are the services good ? Are they ON-TIME ? Are they Safe to fly with ? Are the seat space wide enough to suit your comfort ?

If these questions are always floating in your mindΒ  and thinking of where’s your NEXT destination, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve personally travelled with AIRASIA , AIRASIA X , JETSTAR ASIA and Tiger Airways , so these are based on my views and Experiences on board the plane as well as quality services that i have always kept in touch with .

Why Airasia wins ?
It’s always obvious that they provide excellent service in terms of Customer service (though they might be a little slow ! ) , because they provide many mediums and channels like facebook, twitter and emails and even PREMIUM lines (which many say they aren’t really premium ) ! They listen to customers’ feedback and try their best to answer customer’s enquiries on facebook which other 2 airlines didn’t have that service .

Live Chat & Online Check-in were first introduced by Airasia , which brought much convenience to us , who hates to be ON HOLD like forever ?

It took me 45 mins to get through a Jetstar Customer Relations Officer but it took me less than 20 mins to get through Airasia Customer Relations Officer. Not to say, Tiger Air is the worst as i never got through and always cut off even before im connected to one !

In fact, a good example that just taken place was Bangkok’s Turmoil – Red Shirts protest. Airasia was the FIRST budget airline to take the lead to allow passengers to reschedule their departure dates without any changes fees , but passengers have to pay the fare differences . Followed by Jetstar and Tiger Airways.


  • Book in advance – 3 months and more to enjoy incredible LOW fares !
  • Book during low fares promotions
  • Go for one that will bring you much convenience and comfort
  • One that has immediate response for your enquiries and to the situation .

    Comparison between Prices of Airlines :

    As you can see , the prices of air fares can be so different. I purposely select the date as 24 Jan to 27 Jan as all airlines don’t offer promotions for these dates and these are the CHEAPEST FARES among all the dates.

    And apparently, Jetstar appears to be the most expensive , with Airasia lining up as 2nd and Tiger to be the cheapest Airfares.

    All prices as above inclusive of taxes and charges without baggages, meals and convenience fees, that will add up to an additional of about $40 or more .

    **note: This was an experience reflected in 2010 which might differ by the time you read it. Last updated: April 2010.

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32 thoughts on “Battle between 3 Major Budget Airlines – Airasia, Jetstar , Tiger”

  1. You miss something for AirAsia. Since November 2009, AirAsia started charging convenience fee for online payment via credit / debit card. You should publish this info also.

    Sy Reply:

    Hi Mr Chin,
    Thanks for your comments.

    Wanted to inform you that both other 2 airlines – Jetstar and Tiger do introduce convenience fees like Airasia at $6/way .

    Thanks again.

  2. You may add those convenience fees to let people know which one more expensive and which one cheaper. Tiger Airways charge Singapore $6 for International flight and Australian $6 for Australia domestic flight (free if paid by using Australian issued MasterCard Debit).

    However, just suggestions.

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  12. Thanks for your review comparison between the airlines. It is really helpful for selection of budget airlines in SEA. Though I think that Air Asia customer service is terrible, but I guess from your experience, it is better than the other two.

    Sy Reply:

    Hello Ann ,

    I’m glad you love it . Well , from my experience , airasia fits best ! What about you ? πŸ™‚ Do share any – if you have ! πŸ™‚

    Prices are pretty reasonable for airasia lately as compared to other airlines , and looking forward to your future responses ! πŸ™‚

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  14. Travel deals are up again specially with Natas 2011 travel fair coming closer…Hope to see more cheap airfares too!

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