Crossing Continents …. Chengdu on Long Haul Air Asia X [ Spon ]

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After landing at KL LCCT , the immigration is quick speedy because it’s still very early in the morning. My mum and I have already checked-in ONLINE and our seats have already been allocated online , hence there’s not much hassle to check-in at LCCT airasia Counters !

Chengdu is a 3226KM plane distance from KL TO CHENGDU !

Note: If you’ve checked in online and without baggage , for airasia / airasia X flights in LCCT , do proceed towards the boarding gate instead of the check-in counters.

Allocated to check-in at PREMIUM LANE to drop all our baggages for express !

Air Asia X has sponsored a pair of tickets to Chengdu from Kuala Lumpur for a 5 hours long haul non-stop flight …. and it’s one of our first experience on a long flight across the sea !

Waiting to board the plane at gate T16 LCCT. Ridiculously , there’s only 1 water cooler that is non-functioning !!!!!


Leaving for KL LCCT – A beautiful glance !

In the beautiful skies with patches of greenery below ………….

AIRASIA X is bigger than Airasia flights in terms of seat comfort and plane A330 that is bigger than 747 and A320 . Seat arrangements are 3 BY 4 BY 3 and there are about 6 toilets on board the plane .

The difference between premium and economy is that they do have bigger seats width , but no full-lying down seats unlike the current Airasia X planes that are just released .

My mum and I had BBQ Chicken that is simply delicious with their complementary drinks on board !

Of course,there’s more varieties now on board AIRASIA X flights at RM 12 for buying on board , but if you book online, its at RM 10 !

Beautiful skylines…………….

We are nearly approaching CHENGDU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT !!!!!

Finally landed at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport !!!!!!!!!!

My mum with her sweater on…. the weather is extreme cold when we landed at 1:00 PM . It was 10 DEGREES Celcius outside and you can feel the coolness and it’s so extreme refreshing. Something Exciting for me because i’ve never been to such cold places before.

Beautiful airport but a few planes in and out daily !
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More photos will be coming up with Hotel , Attractions like EMEISHAN and more with CHENGDU ! 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow !

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