WoWness Stay : Enjoyable Stars Hotel Chengdu

Before i get to know this pretty trendy hotel that has just been built in year 2009 , i have done alot of research , but as you know , i always go after only 4 to 5 star hotels , unless i had stayed the hotel before . However, most 4 star hotels range above RMB 280 and more , hence i was fortunate enough to stumble onto this hotel – ENJOYABLE STARS Hotel .

Address :
No.33 Desheng Road Chengdu Sichuan

Just a word of advice : Usually , if you are after comfort , don’t ever trust the star grading – go after BUSINESS HOTELS . For example , a 4 STAR HOTEL doesn’t means it is really a 4 star hotel , hence, a 4 STAR BUSINESS HOTEL will be internationally recognized as a 4 star hotel.

I had read lots of tonnes of reviews and found this hotel located at a good location – in the vibrant city of Chengdu and lots of good food around . That makes me decided to choose this hotel for my 4 nights stay in Chengdu , though it’s my first time that i made a trip there.

Surprised enough , there’s 2 different lobbies in this hotel , hence , if you are after business types like LADY’S ROOM (yes, highly graded type only for ladies ) , business suites at the MAIN LOBBY .

[This image looks misty because of the 10 degrees temperature ]

Across the road , at the other junction , it is for economical rooms like mine , which isn’t that classy and expensive than the MAIN building . Hence, always clarify to the taxi driver , it’s the NORTH Building (南楼) for economical rooms , or else you’ve gotta walk down to the other street !

Rooms are very very trendy , with many needs that suit all needs from toothbrush , toothpaste , shaver , ear prick , tooth pick , mineral waters and more ! So, you dont have to really bring anything , it’s all provided by this comfy hotel !

Oh yes, about the price , make a guess. IT’S JUST RMB 220 for members a night ( Registration on website , payable at hotel at RMB 10 for LIFETIME ) which is about SGD 45 a night at this grand 4 star hotel , pretty cheap isn’t it ?

And sometimes, there’s promotion at the hotel – which i managed to grab for the same standard room at RMB 188 a night ( SGD 38 ) when i walked into the hotel . Surprised isn’t it ?

And for the RMB 220 A NIGHT , It’s inclusive of breakfast for 2 . but i don’t really recommend the breakfast , because there’s only about 4 hot dishes , and cakes and kuieh . Hence, if you go out there to enjoy the breakfast , it should be more worth .

Classy isn’t it ? It’s the corridor of every storey in the hotel ! And lights will lit up when you walk past , as part of energy conserving . Just to inform you , Enjoyable Stars Chengdu Hotel was also awarded a green leaf award for its efforts in energy saving !


Oh yes, i recommend the wanton opposite this hotel – at only SGD 1 – RMB 5 for 30 WANTONS that are soup and the wanton is hand made ! They had 2 types of wanton – shui jiao and chao shou . Chao Shou can only be found in Chengdu which is a specialty like wanton , but different ingredients – so you shouldn’t miss it when in Chengdu !

We checked in at 3:00PM where the time zone is the same with Singapore . Cool deco , staying at 10th storey . There’s about only 12 rooms at each storey , hence rooms are quite big , though they are twin standard rooms .

And this hotel makes use of very advanced technology , card swipping technology and more !

And of course, the expectation of a business hotel is that it should have a WIFI or internet connection , so this hotel offers unlimited internet connection .

Very comfortable twin beds at low cost value and carpet throughout the hotel makes you WOW and WOW throughout your stay experience ! 🙂 32″ Tv that is mostly china’s television channels and internet is limited only to some sites where you can’t get much social life like facebook or twitter. I guess have to do with the firewall settings . 🙂

Image by Enjoyable Stars Hotel Chengdu

Near to attractions like wen zhu yuan , shopping districts , carrefour and mega electronics mall , it will sure be a good location to stay LOW COST , yet BEST EXPERIENCE ! 🙂

Pleasant experience I had with them , with POLITE customer service staff at the frontdesk and they refused to accept TIPS that if you want them to help you with something [ which i’m pretty surprised – because seldom hotels don’t collect tips though ! ] and classy experience makes this hotel the BEST among the district .

So, if you are going to chengdu , hope you have a safe and pleasant trip and do consider this hotel ! 🙂

For more information on this hotel , refer to ENJOYABLE STARS HOTEL OFFICIAL WEBSITE !


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9 thoughts on “WoWness Stay : Enjoyable Stars Hotel Chengdu”

  1. You made your booking online is it?

    Sy Reply:

    Yes , Online , via the hotel website 🙂

  2. Do you happen to have the hotel email address? I tried to search for single room in their website but booking no longer available. Instead I found their room available at one of those hotel booking sites but charge me RMB248 per room instead.

    Sy Reply:

    The booking website , should have it , unless you are going on peak periods . Ctrip is not too bad for prices , but it’s cheaper on Enjoyable Stars Hotel Website itself . 🙂

    I do have the contact number for the person in charge , do you need it ?

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