Climb Mount Emei Chengdu Part 1 !

If you haven’t heard of EMEISHAN , Where’ve you been all these while ?!

Emeishan is a world recognised UNESCO destination where many tourists flock to yearly , as temperature drops to -12 degrees at the peak and there are cable cars available near the peak to send passengers up to the peak. Reason being that routes are too misty and slippery , hence cable car will replace the cars near the top .

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I’ve longed since wanted to see REAL SNOW at the peak and how cold it is , because i’ve not seen REAL Snow before !!!! However, it turns out to be disappointment , as we reached there around 12 noon , 2 hours from chengdu , and it takes about 4 hours to go up to the peak and 4 hours return , hence , we’re too late and too rush for the whole itinerary . Besides , we’ve already placed our luggage at the hotel in chengdu , the ENJOYABLE STARS HOTEL , hence, why waste additional money here at EMEISHAN overnight at hotel ?!

This is the EMEISHAN coach terminal. Nice right ?! It’s better than our Golden Mile Coach Terminal ok ?! It’s AIR-CONDITIONED , Quiet and security all over the place . And i took it from CHENGDU XIN NAN MEN BUS STATION .

If you don’t know, EMEISHAN takes about 2 hours coach ride from CHENGDU , hence , many will offer to stay overnight at the bottom of EMEISHAN , to facilitate enough time up and down the mountain . Though lots of persuasion from the guide, we still stick to our plan , to return to chengdu 4 hours later . And i’m extremely glad and HENG AH we sticked to it . (Read on to know why )

Apparently, we’re conned by SGD 50 for 2 of us (my mum and i) via a private guide and private van throughout the whole trip to EMEISHAN and LESHAN . Note that admission charges are not included in the SGD50 .. it’s only the transport and guide for about 4 hours , but pretty glad that though it’s $50 , you can’t find a private tour for 2 here for SGD 50 …. its more than that .

My mum and i were told when we reached EMEISHAN that if we booked the package with hotel , it will be that kind of hotel below. Luckily, we didn’t book because it’s dark inside and unrated ….

All the way right up there , you can see bottom of EMEISHAN , and you can’t see the peak, it’s in the clouds , like genting. The place is VERY VERY BIG , it’s like really you are on the mountain , because it’s quite windy and surrounded by woods and trees , making you feel so relaxed !!!!!!! 🙂

Nice breathtaking view isn’t it ? In English, it means EMEISHAN WELCOMES YOU !!!!!!! 🙂

If you don’t have the time like us , just take a turn at the bottom of EMEISHAN , sure wows you ! 🙂 And that’s a very large TV , depicting how it looks like at the top and it’s like WOW WOW WOW !!

And that’s not your jewel, so don’t steal it . AMAZING ISN’T IT ?! 🙂

Loves the navigation style, hidden among those bushes. So natural environment lah !

Magnificent isn’t it ? Very beautiful waterfall backdrop ! 🙂

A temple hidden inside the trees and jungle .

Loves Emeishan always , because it’s so natural and so magnificent that you feel the horizons and relaxation and space ! 🙂

Stay tuned to part 2 later here and remember to return to catch back more posts ! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Climb Mount Emei Chengdu Part 1 !”

  1. China sure is a very beautiful country:)

    Sy Reply:

    yeah , it is ! 🙂 Stay tuned to more attractions in Chengdu , here on our blog !

  2. Hi, I saw your post on your chengdu trip and need some details from you.

    1. Where do you get the van for the local tour to leshan and emeishan?

    2. Do you get a tour in chengdu or you walk around and explore on your own? Is it easy and convenient to do that?

    Can email me? I have lots more details needed from you.

    Sy Reply:

    Hello Jane ,

    1 . As for the van , when you took the express coach : at Chengdu 新南门汽车站 , it will take an 2 hours ++ for you to reach emeishan / le shan – They are just nearby – seperated by an hour . When you reach the LE SHAN / EMEISHAN – you’ll be approached by some private companies – but if you want to be budget conscious , which might spend you some time , take a local bus – but i’m not sure for the price . For my private van , its charged at SGD 50 for the whole van of 12 pax – regardless of how many passengers they are – meaning you’re on a private tour and if 2 pax – u and ur partner , its still SGD 50 .

    2. I walked around myself , staying at Xin Yi Hotel – a very classy hotel : which you can checked it out – its VERY VERY EASY to get around if you stayed at this hotel – it goes at only SGD 40-50 a night – and believe me , its so cool place . It’s very easy to get around yourself , but i guess you should be alright , since you’re a chinese and i guess you know how to speak mandarin don’t you ? 🙂

    As for the airport to this hotel , take a 303 shuttle bus at only CNY 10 – that will save you alot because if you take a cab , they haggle you CNY 100 direct , so heed my advice , go for public bus that express to the destination and then take a cab to the hotel – it only costs CNY 30 for 2 of us – me and my mum 🙂

    Hope this helps – and hope to hear from you – Please leave responses here , as it might be better for others too , if they’ve the same questions in mind in the future !

    All the best for your trip ! 🙂

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