Mt. Emei : A UNESCO world heritage site exploration [Part 2]

Back with Mount Emei , from PART 1 with the different wowing scenery at the foot of the mountain .

Awarded as a UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] world heritage site for EMEISHAN , being natural and wowing .

A brief introduction of Mt. Emei , a world heritage site .

An awesome tourist attraction site , located up , quite far away from the entrance ..

Hotels and hot spa around EMEISHAN to suit your needs and stay .

One of the temples in EMEISHAN with entrance fee .

An historical famous bell , that can be heard miles away when struck .

A brief introduction to the bell , of a history of almost 1000 years .

A wall sculpture

Bascially, these are the different attractions at the foot of Mount Emei , temples , old houses and many more.

Time to head down there to explore yourself ! 🙂

Getting There & info :
Mt. Emei lies 150 km away from Chengdu, 130 km from the Shuangliu International Airport and 28 km from Leshan city.Getting to Mount Emei is via Minibuses and public buses leave from Emei’s main street depot at Baoguo.

It’s worth the hike up the Mount Emei and see the sunrise the next day , with stays at hotels – quite expensive i should say , but well , worth it , because it’s above the clouds and WOWING view ! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Mt. Emei : A UNESCO world heritage site exploration [Part 2]”

  1. Can I have know your itinerary from chengdu to leshan and proceed to mount emei? Did you to it in one day or separated?

    Coz I was thinking to spend half day at leshan then proceed to mount emei (an overnight stay) and wonder would that be possible to cover everything there.

    Sy Reply:

    i went to emeishan first , though the tour guide we had , recommend le shan first . But emeishan , only the hill at the base there 🙂

    One day trip – pretty rush though 🙂

  2. How much time needed to explore the hill base?

    Sy Reply:

    About 1 hour will do 🙂

  3. Thanks Sy. You have been a great help : )
    AND you are a great photographer as well : )

    Sy Reply:

    awwwwwww.. thanks !

    Am i a good photographer 😛 wahhaha. still trying my best , to be one . 😛

    Stay tuned , for more blog posts round the globe , Coming your way soon !

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