Le Shan Giant Buddha Chengdu

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| About Le Shan Giant Buddha

Le Shan Giant Buddha is another tourist scenic destination , attracting thousands and millions yearly to this UNESCO World Heritage Site , besides EMEISHAN , MOUNT EMEI . Being the largest carved stone Buddha in the world and the tallest statue in the world , standing at 71 metres (233 feet) tall (IT’S EXTREMELY TALL , go see it yourself !) , it degraded over time , due to pollution and near to river .

Though in year 2001 where the Taliban Afghan tried to destroy their ancestor’s heritage which is the Le Shan Giant Buddha , it’s fortunate for us , to still be able to see the Buddha statue in a good shape .

The side of Le Shan Giant Buddha , with statues around , and the buddha sitting inside , being safeguarded . Beautiful and magnificent isn’t it ?! And do you know …. it took 90 years to be built and the biggest statue in fact , in the world !

Do you know that its shoulders is broad enough for you to play basketball on it ?!

The size of the whole buddha :
Height: 71 meters (233 feet)
Width at shoulders: 28 meters (92 feet)
One eyebrow length: 18 feet

It is a must visit for tourists who came to Si Chuan / Chengdu and it only takes about 2 hours bus ride from EMEISHAN

Do note that there are 2 different places to visit the LE SHAN BUDDHA –

1. via a boat ride which is CNY 70

2. via entrance by foot & climbing up and down and close touch to the buddha : CNY 140 .

But for my opinion , i guess a boat ride is sufficient enough though it’s quite fast and brisk , but if you came here early and want to visit in detailed , do go for the entrance at the road further down .

Next up will be our boat trip towards the Le Shan Giant Buddha and more amazing facts that Le Shan has !

Stay tuned with us ! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Le Shan Giant Buddha Chengdu”

  1. Can i take bus to Le Shan Giant Buddha from the city and how long is the journey?

    Sy Reply:

    Taking a bus from CHENGDU LE SHAN TERMINAL – ( a local bus ) will takes about 40 minutes – and it’s about 10 stops . 🙂

    Yes, you can at the terminal where international coaches arrive . 😉

    Enjoy your trip in Chengdu !

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