Boat Ride to Le Shan Giant Buddha

Coming to LE SHAN , like mentioned in previous post , is a fortunate thing , because many usually come to LE SHAN for safety before they head up to Mt. Emei Part 1 and EMEISHAN .

Temperature of Chengdu was at 10 DEGREES Celcius , so bear in mind a jacket , if you’re heading there between November to April .

The ticketing office for a Boat Ride .

Well, my mum and I decided to take a boat ride around LE SHAN and the 3 rivers that still possess strong current , that may cause boats to sink actually . Hence LE SHAN buddha is there to pray for the safety of the boaters and passengers.

Purchasing tickets for the boat ride is much easy , but each boat has to reach a capacity of 30 people , before departing to LE SHAN BUDDHA . Hence , it’s your luck if you managed to find a tour group there , if you are Free & Easy .

Getting onto the boats with flights of steps … they are narrow so watch out …

OFF WE GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Safety comes first , thus count the number of leftover floats , in case the boat sinks .

Me with the giant Buddha at the backdrop .

My mum and I ………. 🙂 Magnificent isn’t it ?

Other tourists on board the boat .

Spot the Photographers ! 🙂

Fast isn’t it ?

A sneak at their life …………….

A fruitful 20 minutes ride around the Giant Buddha for CNY RMB 70 .

Read on our previous post on LE SHAN GIANT BUDDHA if you intend to go in and close up with the buddha !

We’ll head off to LONG QUAN and shopping around Chengdu before closure of topic for ChengDu ! Stick around with us always !

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