Hike to Chengdu Mt. Long Quan

Guess where’s this place …………

This is the way towards Mt. Long Quan – on a bus ride ! Amazing isn’t it ?

Another relaxation place in the middle of the road

Reached Mt. Long Quan Chengdu

龙泉风景旅游区 – Mt Long Quan Chengdu is a scenic tourist location for many – for the flower blossoms and annual Chengdu International Peach Festival that opened on March 16 annually which attracts many tourists to flock to the destination yearly. It’s about 45 minutes away from CHENGDU , and you can hop onto an express bus conveniently from Chengdu at about SGD 2 .

And kiddies with balloons all over the place 🙂

On the way up at the foot of Mt. Long Quan – and on the left is public toilet 🙂

All along, there are many food and drinks you can buy but a little steep , so do be careful when climbing.

Beautiful orangey flowers along the hike ……………

Not even half the hike up ……..

Expect these steep slopes along the way – so do be careful and never visit it when it’s raining or rather, take a rest at one of the hut first before continuing to the peak ! 🙂

Resting for a pose at the middle of the hike …………

Some of the easy route up ………..

Reaching the peak soon ……………….

See ??? So high right ??????? A view of the whole Long Quan 🙂

Signing off with my photo at the middle of the climb . Nice peach blossoms isn’t it ? And yes, surprisingly, it still survived when we brought the stalk back from Chengdu to SINGAPORE on a 7 hours flight -due to the delay of Jetstar and transit at LCCT and KLIA .

Stay tuned to next blog post, Chengdu Wen Shu Yuan Street 成都文殊院街 & SHOPPING at CHENGDU. YES , dont say Chengdu is boring ok ! THERE’S LOTS OF STUFF TO SHOP and soon, we’ll have to bid goodbye to Chengdu , as we take a flight back to SINGAPORE .


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