Wen Shu Yuan – A deeper exploration

As continued to PART 1 of Wen Shu Yuan where you can enjoy local delights and historical heritages , follow us on part 2 as below ……….. 🙂

You can even enjoy banking in the historic atmosphere and their police station too – very interesting places 🙂

And shophouses with citizens staying up above these tea houses and hope we hope Singapore’s chinatown has this kind of so relaxing places to play chess and chat with friends along the streets .

Chengdu’s specialty is having the whole places around with chess places – good for the old to gather together with a cup of tea and enjoy the bustling city all day round . You can even enjoy these places near bus stations and many more areas 🙂

Buy some handicrafts and souvenirs at Wen Shu Yuan – the best place to source for souvenirs ! 🙂

Busy streets of Wen Shu Yuan – it’s pretty big in the area to explore along the maze streets [ and pretty clean ] .

And this is the main focus of CHENGDU WEN SHU YUAN – where you pay a nominal fee about CNY 5 or lesser to enter this area where there are many temples to visit and a hugh garden as well as hotel rooms and surprisingly , A LIBRARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An even more interested rare seen ticketing office – Unique isn’t it ?

Entrance into the scenic attraction ……..

Natural Rock Sculpture within the Wen Shu Yuan …………

Hugh mazes and gardens within the Wen Shu Yuan ………….

A signboard guiding you around the place which is like a mansion – quite hugh indeed .

And remembered we mention a hotel around the corner ? Yeah, there is but quite expensive and like you are in those kind of movie style – but unless you want to experience the rich heritage or else , don’t quite advise as the area will turn dark and quiet at night – which will be pretty inconvenient.

Goodbye Wen Shu Yuan ………… Beautiful isn’t it ?

Stay tuned to the next Chengdu blog post – Shopping and goodbye Chengdu when we head back to Singapore ! 🙁

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6 thoughts on “Wen Shu Yuan – A deeper exploration”

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  2. How much time needed to explore wen shu yuan? half day or do i need one day better?

    Sy Reply:

    Hey Jane ,

    If you pay the admission fee into Wen Shu Yuan , it should take you about 1/2 a day to explore – 4 hours should be sufficient ( the place is DAMN BIG ! ) and go to those small alleys – there’s lots of food , shops and even a cultural centre there !

    Have Fun !

  3. How much is the admission fee?

    I noticed you have spent quite a lot of time exploring it, and from the photos it looks interesting : )

    Sy Reply:

    Yeah , it is 🙂 keke . I love wen shu yuan and the surroundings – pretty cool ! 🙂 Admission is free for the outside – those alleys , those stores along the street .

    But admission fee should be CNY RMB 5 i think to enter into the temple and more ! 🙂

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