Hello! TuneHotels Danga Bay V.S. Johor Hotels

Always being a bargain hunter and plying between Singapore and Malaysia because Malaysia tends to be cheaper than Singapore – I’m really glad the existence of TuneHotels.com Danga Bay Johor Bahru – because it will sure be a hit between holiday goers and budget travelers who can’t find cheaper deals in hotels .

JB CENTRAL HOTEL @ Merlin Tower , close and opposite to the CIQ Malaysia , is going at a rate of
RM 120 because of its central location and easy access to Singapore . But its a good place to source for food and shopping for City Square just opposite but the place looks dirty and quiet at night due to coach companies moving out of the place. Think again – is it worth for RM 120 than TuneHotels going from a rate of RM 10 a night ?!

It’s common sense that Johor Hotels tend to be much more expensive – ranging from RM 70 where you get those lousy and shared bathroom type to RM 550 for those top quality hotels because it’s across the bridge to Singapore where we’ve got the Universal Studios Singapore , Marina Bay Sands Singapore , Orchard Road to shop down and many more attractions like Singapore Flyer .

And indeed , it’s a good place to hang out with your family during holiday breaks which are cheaper than travelling all the way to Kuala Lumpur or Malacca just for the heritage – why not johor when TuneHotel is just across the bridge , easy access just 30 mins away from causeway and home sweet home in 30 mins & save those coach fees on food and shop @ Johor ?

Again , i emphasis that Johor is just a bridge across – 15 minutes bus ride which many of my followers on twitter keep asking me about how far it is . It’s that near 🙂

So, how do you get to TuneHotels ? Well , don’t get a cab which they always advise because they are afraid you will get lost – just take any bus from the CIQ , next to the KTM TRAIN STATION

Hop onto any Buses that has a red sign board that states DANGA BAY

Buses should head to this direction as shown below .

This bus will bring you to DANGA BAY , just before the hotel

Alight at the 7 SPICE RESTAURANT , after Danga Bay with the airasia ticketing office and before TUNEHOTELS Johor Danga Bay .

And take a brisk walk towards Tunehotels Danga Bay – the iconic building in the area .

Just for safety precautions : the area isn’t that well lit at night and pretty quiet so be careful and it’s quite a distance from DANGA CITY MALL so , just chomp at the indonesian restaurant below Tunehotels 🙂

Hope this helps to save you RM 20 – RM 40 haggled taxi fares V.S. about RM 1.80 for the bus ride a pax so , stay tuned to the next post on TUNEHOTELS Danga Bay – the facilities and in rooms , only exclusively on Sylistic Travel Blog ! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Hello! TuneHotels Danga Bay V.S. Johor Hotels”

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  2. your blog is really helpful, thank you
    I want to ask where i can have a budget bus from RW SEntosa to tunes hotel and from Sands hotel to tunes hotel? and from tunes hotel to singapore


    Sy Reply:

    Hello Fandy ,

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Well , you want to take a LOCAL bus or a coach provided by the companies of tunehotels ?

    Reply to this post & we’ll answer you accordingly 🙂

    queenie Reply:

    hai.. i have same question too..

    is there any bus/coach from Resort world sentosa & Marina Bay Sands to Tune Hotels Danga Bay, what’s the rate and timing.. thank you 🙂

    Sy Reply:


    Yes there are buses and coaches linking RWS, MBS to TuneHotels DB right at the doorstep of the hotel.

    Frequency is an hour once and rate is about RM9 if i’m not wrong! 🙂

    queenie Reply:

    ok thank you for your information 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I understand that you can take the train from Singapore (Tanjung Pagar) to Danga Bay. Is tune hotels nearby to Danga Bay station? I know that Danga bay City Mall is different. Not sure which is which now. Quite confusing. Also, do you know how far is Tune hotels to Holiday Plaza.

    Sy Reply:

    Okays , the thing is tunehotels isn’t near to Danga Bay Station : U’ll need some transport over – best through taxi .

    As for the next question , Tunehotels will answer you personally 🙂

    Thanks for the comments !

  4. Hi Deborah,

    Holiday Plaza is about 10 minutes drive from our hotel as you can see the map here http://maps.google.com.my/maps?q=tune+hotels+danga+bay&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl#

    You may hire transport from New Asia Holidays to take you there from their counter in our hotel. Their rates are the same as a taxi. Scroll down to see their contact details on our website here http://www.tunehotels.com/our-hotels/danga-bay-johor

    Looking forward to welcoming you as our guest,
    Biresh Vrajlal

  5. thank you for your blog. i’m very happy when found it.
    may i ask again?
    i will use causeway link from singapore (queenstreet) and arrived at Larkin terminal.
    how can i get to tunehotels danga bay use public bus?
    if there is no direct bus, would you explain step by step route of the bus?
    thank you for your help.

  6. Dear Momo ,

    Certainly ! For public buses , i’m not too sure if there are any buses that go directly because i understand there are many buses from the JB causeway . If there is , the buses will have a DANGA BAY written on the mall .

    Alternatively , After you clear the immigration , pls head towards the direction to city square shopping mall and go down the escalators just before the bridge linking to the mall .

    Next , walk upwards to the KTM train station , and wait for the bus at the stop in front of the train station – if you see any yellow boards that write DANGA BAY , just board the bus – the fare is about RM 1.50 for a ride of 15 mins . Alight just after the AIRASIA SALES COUNTER and take a stroll about 5 mins will reach you to TuneHotels Danga Bay.

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