Sylistic Flies Selangor with Firefly n Day 1 Selangor Story :)

Being the Only Singaporean (that sounds like I’m representing Singapore for this bloggers’ competition) involving 27 of them from Indonesia , Malaysia and me myself from Singapore , it’s a really cool experience to look forward and meeting with other asian bloggers .

Titled “My Selangor Story” , I’ve a chance to fly for free on a propeller plane – Firefly : A Community Airline between SINGAPORE-SUBANG-SINGAPORE .

My Selangor Story started at Singapore Budget Terminal , 11 am , 23 September 2010 !

Being my 1st experience , i was surprisingly greeted at the check-in counters by Salim Mohamed , Duty Manager & Ismail Kasim , Station Manager ,and we were treated like kings and VIP ( Very Important Personnel ) with efficient check in procedures , priority boarding as well as a special arrangement for us to tour the Firefly Airport Office ( How cool is that isn’t it ?! ) !

Finally all checked in and geared up for My Selangor Story Bloggers’ Tour !

And ta da , How many people will have the privilege to enjoy the facilities and the tour of Firefly Airline Airport Office ?!

Yeah Yeah , and I managed to “boast” to the duty manager as well as marketing director my blog ! 🙂 And glad that they showed much attention and interest about MY SELANGOR STORY , as well 😀

And swiftly , i met up with my indonesia friend , Alid and we were sent into Singapore Budget Terminal Departure Hall .

Here’s other passengers that joined us on board toooo !!!!!!! 🙂

We’re soooooooooooo readyyyyyyy to board the aircraft nowwwwww !!

Pleasantly surprised that we were greeted by the air stewardess on board and announcing us on board for the My Selangor Story ! I love Firefly ! 🙂

Some other light refreshments on board : Orange Juice + Oat Meal Biscuit doesnt fulfill the hungriness in my stomach 🙁 !

No worries , i can grab all of those oatmeal biscuits to fill my stomach ! 😉

More More Air stewardess + Sylistic’s photo * dont envious wor *

Firefly does take all our feedbacks seriously , through iPod touch ( So green for environment ! )

And time really flies when you speak to the air stewardess to find out more about Firefly and snapping photos and cam-whoring !!! 🙂

Finally glide through the skies towards Subang and here’s where my 6 days 5 nights will start !

Was warmly welcomed by Raja Sa’adi : Head of PR & Marketing for the group , as well as Tourism Selangor at Kapitan Kopitiam .

Bloggers being briefed about Firefly , the different sponsors and collecting their firefly Jerseys ….

Firefly , being the official sponsor for our flights ! We’re So cool with our football jerseys !

Introducing our key personnel for this trip that includes Amelia from Horizon Communications , Tourism Selangor , Mdm Rissa Chan, Executive Director DSC World Sdn Bhd ( PENTAX Camera ) , Press from TV SELANGOR and our lovely tour guide …………..

We spent one night here at Carlton Hotel Suites , a pretty decent hotel with just normal amenities , not a classy hotel but quite a convenient access to different tourists’ attractions ! And not many entertainment areas within the reach ……

Bloggers waiting patiently for room keys and buddies allocation for their room !

And ta da , my room mate buddy , Azuan 😉 More like a big brother to me ( hehe , i’m still young 😛 ) !

Checking out on all our cool cameras by Pentax …………

Fortunate to be the only representative from Singapore , only 1 from each country was assigned with a Digital SR Camera from PENTAX ! 🙂

Talking about Pentax , I did a little of the research before the trip and it was an awesomely global brand with ranges of cameras from digital cameras to DLSR Cameras for the professionals .

Thanks to Pentax for offering me another 1st time experience on a Digital SR Camera which is so cool and i managed to try out different shots and it’s like i’ve grown up from digital camera era to something more experienced 😡

*Teng Teng Teng * Our really cool badges to identify ourselves !

Headed off to iCity with a really cool atmosphere – Dazzling , Mesmerizing brightly lit like Christmas !

Was invited like members of press into iCity !

Do you know that the 4.5-acre park , iCity is the first of its kind in Malaysia to have digital LED Light Technology throughout the whole beautiful area , with world class infrastructure and quick convenient access to the area ?

Mr Eu Hong Chew, the founder for I-Berhad , briefed us about the future of iCity as well as different developments , happenings and the breathtaking experience that you won’t find anywhere else !

And our delicious dinner is sponsored by iCity , with so WOWing dishes in the middle of all the beautiful lights !!!!!

Pictures speak a thousand words , Look for yourself :

Wooooooo hooooooo ! Crabs and Prawns Galore !!!!!!!!!

All our bloggers ( photographers ) busily snapping pictures !

Beautiful iCity isn’t it ?

Showcasing the different culture from different races ……..

After all the astounding tour around iCity and snaps , we got ourselves towards Uptown Shah Alam at 10 pm ………..

Got ourselves with french fries and drinks at Jass Cafe @ Uptown Shah Alam …….

For the ladies with plentiful of cheap bargains to stumble for ………..

Magic Show that amazes our eyes !!!!!!!!

Sunglasses for the fashions ………

More weird stuff you can find like unique bags with spikes ………..

Amelia blasting us with her voices 😉

My room buddy , Azuan up on stage too 😉

And we ended the night with cool performance and hit the bed in our hotel room at 1 am ! 🙂

Stay tuned to DAY 2 of Blog Posts that includes : Up to Genting Highlands and MORE MORE photos , thanks to sponsors and partners like Tourism Selangor , Firefly Airline , Kapitian Kopitiam , iCity and Uptown Shah Alam 😉

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20 thoughts on “Sylistic Flies Selangor with Firefly n Day 1 Selangor Story :)”

  1. Awesome photos! The crew of Firefly are so hot as always! hahaha

    It was nice to have you as room buddy for 5 days. Hope to travel together in the future!

    Take care and have fun in Japan!

  2. ahahhaa, Thanks buddy ! 😉

    It’s 6 days 😛

    Yeah, they were too hot for me to be stuck in the same place for so long then i haf to pull myself out to blog about iCity 😛

  3. Nice picture captured. I love the prowns… Good luck dear.

    Sy Reply:

    Thanks to Pentax mahhhhhhhh ! 🙂 hhahahaha, meeeeeeee toooo . Hais , come home no more buffet alr 🙁

    U too !

  4. Nice photos bro, hope we win 🙂

    Sy Reply:

    @Thristan Wahhhahah , U tooooooo ! Good Lucks Bro ! 😉 I tag u on fb too !

  5. So that’s the VIP treatment! And technically you were representing Singapore 😉 Awesomeness!

    Sy Reply:

    Yeah @Dania , Cool rightttttttt …… Gonna drop by ur post later too 😉

    Havent seen it yet 😛

  6. I’ve never taken before firefly and your blog post just rocks ! Thanks for this magnificent blog post and i’ll try it on my next overseas trip with Firefly !

    Are the seats cramp ? Refreshments any choices ?

    Sy Reply:

    Thanks for the heads up Mariah ! 😉

    Firefly is my first ever experience on a propeller too and i’ll recommend firefly to all my friends who are heading to Malaysia on their routes ! 😉

    This Selangor trip has proved that malaysia is not a boring place , which many does , and told me before the trip and i’m mesmerized by the cool events and destinations , thanks to Tourism Selangor ! 😉

    See you in Selangor very soon , and yeah , stay in the homestay – a unique experience !

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