1st Dinner in Tokyo !

What do you first think of Japanese Food ? Sizzling Hot beef noodles ? Sushi that makes you drool like mad ?

And of course , this , being my 1st dinner in Tokyo has been a strange encounter and a different kind of experience , with purchase of food from vending machines – that means you don’t need to speak any word or signalling what you want .

Of course , we still face some communication problems with how the standard way of self service in a small little restaurant . And if you realise , restaurants in japan served cold tea to cut down the fats in your body .

This meal below ( not too bad ) costs about SGD 8 which is already considered cheap in japan .

And if you know mandarin , i think you shouldn’t have much problem getting your way around , since chinese characters are somehow almost the same , only that many you won’t understand , since their chinese is so different from ours with mixture of Japanese .

Near the Shimashi Japan Station ……….. Pretty crowded at night .

After a long walk around the area , I passed by this branch restaurant ~ Sukiya that serves BEEF AND MORE BEEF !!!!!!!!

Simply loves this charcoal chicken rice ( AND FINALLY NO BEEF !!!!!!!!! ) costing about SGD 5 a bowl .

And ta da , beef in spotlight !!!!!!!!!!

Other alternatives besides Japanese food , will be all time favourites MACDONALDS !!!!!!!!

Japanese MacDonald anyone ?

And off to a long sleepy night ! =) Stay tuned to more posts and remember to take part in our in-house contest to win a trip to TOKYO for 2 ! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “1st Dinner in Tokyo !”

  1. Japanese food is the bomb!!!! Ohhh I love ’em all (except sashimi). If there’s one thing one must do in Japan, it’s to eat and eat and eat and eat andddd eat. And that’s something you did, so yay! 🙂 Shall make my way there someday soon!

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