I Conquered Japan’s Tokyo Tower

CONTEST : Conquer a 7 days 5 night ALL INCLUSIVE for 2 to TOKYO ! ! 🙂

Don’t believe I CONQUERED TOKYO TOWER right ?! Then read on lah ! 🙂

World’s tallest self-supporting steel tower at 333 Metres tall since year 1958 , Tokyo tower is soooo high up in the skies .

This is just incredibly HOW TALL THE TOKYO TOWER IS . Bear in mind that we shot it below ground level and it’s pretty hard to get the whole height up , so the actual size is like 50-100 times larger than this !

Weighing at 4,000 tons that could just crash any cars if it falls and 28,000 liters of paint was used to paint the tokyo tower . AMAZING ISN’T IT ?!

Observation tower stands at a height of 250 metres , good enough for you to observe beautiful tokyo in the day and at night . Lighting up with 176 lights all throughout the whole tower , i tell you , my hotel was just 15 mins away and i could see it right behind , it’s just SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT that welcomes me and telling me I’M FINALLY IN TOKYO !

Tickets are worth the experience since you flew all the way to tokyo for this , are sold at 820 yen for MAIN OBSERVATION and for a higher height for the Special Observation at 600 yen + 820 yen = 1420 yen , just to reach the SPECIAL OBSERVATION .

Something to remember from the hard work of the builders =)

Getting to Tokyo Tower is just simply a BRRREEEZZZEEEEEE ! 😉 Easily connected by nearby classy hotels like Prince Hotel , and many subways , you shouldn’t have a problem reaching Tokyo Tower , Japan ! 😉

Tokyo Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. For more information , Visit Tokyo Tower Official Site !

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