This is My Singapore , Your Singapore

Many has asked me , You being a Singaporean Travel Blogger : When will you blog about Singapore as you’ve been blogging about other countries ?

And finally , this post is dedicated to where my roots are , SINGAPORE and i’m proud that Singapore is simply marvelous in our eyes as well as how Singapore has progressed so much in just years .

Sylistic decided to become Singapore’s official tourist , born in Singapore for a night and here are our tours around the central of Singapore !

Our Very own , Merlion park , spurting water out to the river !

Fullerton hotel and our Central Singapore always brightly lit . Saw the FLORA on MayBank Building ?

When i was in overseas during the F1 Night race 2010 in September , I’ve heard lots of malaysian friends say , WOW , Singapore looks so exceptionally beautiful tonight . And i’m proud to say that i belong to there !

And our esplanade looks so beautiful with the backdrop of SINGAPORE FLYER ! 😉

How can we miss our MARINA BAY SANDS that looks brilliantly bright at night as well with the skypark on top ? Sometimes , when airlines fly , they’ll be above the Marina Bay Sands , making it an iconic structure !

Riding a cruise down the Singapore River won’t beat anything better to explore the city in depth !

Not to mention , the beautiful DNA Structure , that is also present at the HELIX Bridge . This was at ONE FULLERTON !

Thailand’s very own Animal Tree structure that is made from recycled materials and energy saving lighting and 512 orange happy bears ! 😉

Classy 5 STAR hotels at your service …………..

Foodicious Chocolate Buffet @ Fullerton Hotel Singapore 😀

All these Happening @ One Fullerton , Singapore !

There was a i-Light event till 7 NOVEMBER but too bad , it was raining so heavily that we’ve to give it a miss ! 🙁

Not to miss our own unique ice cream vendor along the tourist attractions …………

Of course , there’s more attractions in Singapore , but these are the major MUST VISIT in Singapore !

This is my Singapore Story , What’s Yours ?

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