Hiking Osaka Castle


After so much fun in hiroshima and its atomic dome as well as Hiroshima Castle , you know Japan has nothing than temples and Castle and its natural spa ! 😉

Now once again , Osaka castle is simply beautiful and looks very expensive : Covering over approximately 60,000 square meters and needs a hike up from the bottom of the hill for about 30 minutes , and it’s very high and magnificent from the high rocks 😉

And lighting as well as Bombing and fire as well as civil conflicts are some of the disasters caused towards OSAKA Castle 🙁

Of Course , to enter the Osaka Castle , you have to go through a big gate across the river through a bridge that is very very wide – Feel the Luxury 😉

And after 45 minutes of hiking , we’re finally here up near the clouds @ OSAKA CASTLE !!!!

The side of Osaka Castle : Simply Beautiful ! 😉

Rock @ Osaka Castle to keep in memory of the building of Osaka Castle

Loves the skyline of Osaka Castle

Getting to Osaka Castle ::

Alight at Morinomiya JR Station

Cross the road and walk through the park , follow the signs ………..

Reach a fountain near the end and turn left towards Osaka Castle ………..

You’ll be able to see the Osaka Castle from below but before that , more fleets of stairs to climb ……..

Go through some forest and head upwards for another 15 minutes and there you go with Osaka Castle 😉


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