Hotel Monetery Sanno : My Biggest Japan Hotel

Hotel Monetery Sanno is an impressive hotel which offers the lowest rate among all my other hotels as well as the BIGGEST room i experience for a night over in Tokyo before heading back to Singapore .

Hotel Monetery Sanno is a christian type of hotel and it has many european kind of designs and atmosphere throughout the hotel . One thing to note : it’s located on the quiet side of Tokyo but not too far from Tokyo and the hotel is extemely silent though , and it is built long time back , so sometimes you will feel the errie feeling , but its all fine .

Hotel monetery Sanno provides you a warmth and VIP feeling that it welcomes guests with a red carpet down the hotel entrance to the lobby and indeed , the space is very spacious throughout the hotel with no more space constraints that you’ll feel within the hotel .

Like what i said , this hotel has been around for 20 years and more , hence the corridor can be so quiet that you can only hear the air-con sound , and it has that scary feeling ….. 😡

We managed to snap a deal with Hotel Monetery Sanno at SGD 89 for triple bed room ( which is SGD 89 for twin bed room they offered initially ) but we still got the deal close at SGD 89 which is so much cheaper than SGD 290 a night that they offered to all other guests .

Cool isn’t it ?

Beds are extremely comfy , finally there’s LOTS OF SPACES to walk , bathroom is the BIGGEST i ever seen in JAPAN that can stand more than 10 people inside and there’s fridge , entertainment services , everything you need all at Hotel Monetery Sanno ……… But the seat was quite badly shaped that you can see holes and cushion popping out ……..

Speaking of the staff , Oh , there’s no more chicken and duck fights – They gave me a surprise ( though i was told already ) that they could speak english so well that there’s no gap between guest and staff – so don’t have to worry about language barrier !

And You could take how many razor , toothbrush,toothpaste , shower cap as much as you desire on their front desk , while others have to be payable . And do note that this hotel does not provide international adapter which resulted in me having problems getting connected to the cyberspace ……

And efficient customer service that you won’t fail to expect for sure at Hotel Monterey Sanno , JAPAN !

Hotel Monterey Sanno is a 6th storey high hotel , featuring 166 rooms that doesn’t look nice outside but inside is very european style and simply , a place for you to soak your feets and relax on the quieter side of tokyo !

Getting to Hotel Monterey Sanno :

Alight at OMORI Station on a green line and a few escalators up , turn left and walk straight for 5-10 mins and there you go , Hotel Monterey Sanno 😉

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