Jonker Walk Malacca : where your taste buds survive !

Jonker walk Malacca is in the central of ancient Malacca , which is open only on Friday , Saturday and Sunday . There’s no doubt for the large number of Singaporeans and students wearing school uniforms chomping down Jonker Walk ,due to the broadcast of the famous show ” LITTLE NYONYA ” 【小娘惹】 in Singapore and Malaysia .

Here i am , in Jonker Walk Malacca , just steps away from the official hotel that i stayed in , Hangout @ Jonker Malacca .

The busy streets of Jonker Walk , which boasts a large number of stalls that offers food , souvenirs and even entertainment .

Of course , when you come to Malacca , there’s 1 thing you shouldn’t miss : Chicken Rice Balls . They are authentic and delicious , trust me . 🙂

This plate of Chicken Rice Ball costs about RM 4.50 though but you can’t blame on the price as we’re located in the hot tourist attractions .

Not to miss , another plate of Omelet at RM 4 ~ It’s not too oily and lots of oysters inside !

Another Must Try which is ONEH ONEH – That has peanuts bursting in your mouth and trust me once again , this is a confirm chop die die must try !

Macau’s famous egg tart that can be found , even at Jonker Walk Malacca ! 🙂 Each for about RM 1 – RM 2 and another must try . 🙂

Another famous delicacy that taiwan and japan offers , fried potato chips . Must Try !!

Some chinese tarts that you could bring back and share with your friends 🙂

Raddish carrot cake that is cheap and good 🙂 And mind you , long queue for this too 🙂

Cakes that satisfy your taste buds for the night ! ~

Never ending dim sum that worth the taste ! 🙂

End off with a icy cooling Ice Kachang to quench your thirst 🙂

Stay tuned for the next blog post on how authentic and different customs that you can experience , only in Jonker Walk ! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Jonker Walk Malacca : where your taste buds survive !”

  1. Jonker Walk, a street where you start being light and end the walk gaining a couple of kilos :). Food there are tasty and amazingly cheap.

    Sy Reply:

    hehehhehe , indeed 🙂 More than a kilo will get you got of the place 😀

  2. ondeh-ondeh is my favourite kuih~ it’s filled with brown melaka sugar~ not peanuts~ =P

    Sy Reply:

    Oh yeahhhhhhh , e brown sugar is simply delicious !!!!!!!!! I love the feeling of it being burst inside my mouth !!!!!! OMG ! 😀

  3. A must place to visit in Malacca. Lots of food and interesting stuffs to buy. Not forgetting the antics!

    Merry Xmas by the way and happy new year

    Sy Reply:

    heheheh , of course ! 😀 One of the UNESCO sites , not to be missed !

    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year too ! 🙂

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