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There’s something creamy , sensational and tasty that can make you drool and crave for another round in your mouth , that’s a luxurious Mille Crepe in town today .

With thanks to Humble Beginning , we were sponsored 2 cakes worth SGD 110 : French Vanilla Mille Crepe that doesn’t have any topping on top and made of fresh cream that just makes you want another serving after each !

And *drum roll * here’s the cake ………. This is why it’s welcomed by many , no cream on top , doesnt taste like those creamy tops that you will throw them away and it’s perfect .

Ta da , can you sense those melting creamy vanilla cream in your mouth ??? It sure gonna drool you 😡

The best thing i love about the vanilla french crepe is that it is a little creamy in the middle but it has many many layers that you can feel like you’re eating curry puff skin but it’s not oily and suit very well with the cream inside it and oozing in your mouth !

Sure you want and love a slice of the Mille Crepe don’t you and taste the tastiness and freshness of the vanilla cream ?

To purchase your very own Mille Crepe which is available at many different locations , including Kuala Lumpur , Penang , Johor Bahru , Singapore : Make your reservation ONLINE OR ring them up at the following numbers , depending on your residence :
+65 64921695 ( SINGAPORE )
+6012 6358035 (Johor Bahru)
+6017 2458035 (Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya)
+6012 4858035 (Penang/Prai)

Collection will be via delivery for an extra 15 dollars or for singapore , drop by at any CATHAY CINEPLEX Theatres for your cakes from any of these friendly staff 🙂

And yeah , each cakes come with a free cooler bag that allows you to take them home fresh and still cold 🙂

Enjoy Humble Beginning with its luxurious taste today . You won’t regret , I’m sure =)

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