Off to Seeing the world with Ciba Vision ! [ 18 March ]

Woo hooo !!! We’re flying off with Official Contact Lens & Sponsor , Ciba Vision as part of its SEEING THE WORLD WITH CIBA VISION campaign , together with Yolk and Our Official Airline for BANGKOK – SINGAPORE : Tiger Airways to Amazing Thailand , Bangkok TONIGHT !

I must say I should be crazy to try contact Lens as i’ve heard tonnes of stories about the scary stuff on contact lens and how it’ll get stuck here there and the difficulties of removing it !

Just days ago , i went to my optician – Capitol Optical to learn how to place the lens and remove ’em .

Even now I’m typing this , I’m wearing the lens ! How cool right hur ?! 🙂

It was a little scary experience with placing the lens into the eyes with my middle finger and took an hour hur to conquer my fear of placing ’em into the most important organ of my face !!!!!!!

And that’s the amount of trees i’ve chopped off to clean the place and my hands ! But i was told others chopped more trees than me so i should not feel guilty ! 😀

Hah ! Never nerdy anymore with a new look , fresher , cleaner and brighter …….. SEEING THE WORLD WITH CIBA VISION ! 😀 Sooooo photos will be without glasses ( i hope unless i’m not used to it ! ) and heh , look better many said ! ;D

Well , we’ll be up to a challenge for 3 days 2 nights to Bangkok with Ciba Vision , and tell you what , most of the times are SHOPPING , which the girls will be mad about it , especially when BKK is a shopping paradise !

Get hooked up to our adventures through our tweets , Official Facebook Page and of course here , where you get the most out of it ! 😀

And not to forget , with thanks to TIGER AIRWAYS , for offering FREE BOARDMEFIRST as well as EXTRA LARGE SPACES for my return seat which we’ll slowly introduce when Sunday arrives , live tweeting and snapping from BANGKOK as well as stay tuned to our adventures ! 😀

Off we fly , BANGKOK and Ciao ! 😀

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