My BoardMeFirst & Extra Leg Space with Tiger Airways !

Disclosure : This blog post is sponsored by Tiger Airways in experiencing its BOARDMEFIRST & Extra Leg Spaces & Emergency Seat Selector. Note that all opinions are purely mine and truely honest though it is sponsored in any way.

Tiger Airways has truely changed the impression of what i usually thought it was and had been , with me finally experiencing what has been added to the cart : BOARDMEFIRST facilities for passengers who hate those shoving and waiting long minutes for their turn to place their luggage onto the overhead cabin .

Fortunate enough and you should too , we flew with Tiger Airways TR 2109 and thanks to the marketing folks at Tiger Airways for offering complimentary added-on services : BOARDMEFIRST means i’ll board ahead of the others , together with Extra Leg Space seats which are for the comfy and not cramping your legs throughout the flight !

Here are our honest thoughts on our experiences :

We checked in our loads of shopping loots which Bangkok is a heaven for shopping , and the check-in was speedy with my seat assigned at 13F – Window Emergency Seat which makes me love it even more ! 😀 How great i’ll be able to rest my sore legs and stretch them fully on board !

Looking excited , don’t i ? Loves the glassy background and yes , everything’s gonna be VIP after i pass through this security gate ! 😀 Great and off we fly off !

With just $6 per passenger , you’ll experience a truely FIRST class boarding – where you board before anyone else and forget those shoving and squeezing your way through as well as waiting ….. waiting ….. waiting for your turn to get to your seat ! Imagine shooing those trouble and enjoy the best services ushered to your row and placing your luggage comfortably without the queue !

Friendly ushered by Tiger Airways Air Stewardess who says ” Hey Travel boy ! ” . Me : ” Hur ? *blur & looking around* ” And the truth was , ” You are a travel blogger , aren’t you ? ” . Me : *Shocked* And i found out that they were pre-informed that i’ll boarding the plane *blink*

And the orange on the flight ticket highlights the priority boarding , together with a emergency seat with the extra leg spaces for row 12 and 13 of Tiger Airways !

Not to mention , they’re pretty enthusiastic with the photos i snapped with them ! 😀

Back with our main focus *shine* : The Extra Leg Space Emergency Seats are marked as
CLASS B and its first row as CLASS A – where passengers alight first when the plane lands . Class B seats are priced at about 25-30 SGD with extra leg spaces that make you much comfortable when you fly where Class A seats at SGD 30 .

Looks mega big isn’t it ? And you don’t have to stand up to let the passengers inside to get out of the row ! Convenient much ! 😀

A little comparison between Standard Seats V.S. Extra Leg Space – If you’re after comfort , extra leg space at emergency seats are most after your choice ! Maybe its a little of my own perception , i feel that leg space is so much bigger and better than the 5 star alliance airline . 🙂

And i don’t have to cramp my legs ! See how nicely the extra spaces my legs still have while stretching them beneath the seats and even the seats are not right in front of my knee cap ! I LOVE EXTRA LEG SPACES and my other friends are truely envious of the leg space i enjoy ! 😀

Looking great with the extra leg spaces that i can stretch my hands out for a front shot of myself ! Good for people who loves to cam’whore too ! With such a big space , nothing beats the photography moments !

For safety precautions , passengers of 13 years and above will only be allowed to sit at the emergency rows during take-off and landing as well as bags to be placed at the cabin overhead .

Briefed by Tiger Airways Crew Member of what we should do to pull the 15kg door outwards to escape during emergency though we know we’ll be safe landing later !

Finally we’re on the way running off the runway and flying off back home ! 😀 Did i forget to mention that i’m next to the wings ? Loves the blazing lights when we’re speeding off to the skies !

Being a traveler , i’m always entertained by Flight Magazines ! They’re a great resource for me to pass my boring time in the flight without any entertainment .

Tiger Tales , a publication by Tiger Airways provide a colourful , descriptive writeups on tips and travel journals around the globe . I love the simple and easy to read with many photos attached to the articles which lasted me almost 1.5 hours to finish reading it all !

“Better than any budget airline i fly ………………. ”

– Rebecca [ Melbourne , Australia ]

Another excellent way to spend your time in the flight is to strike a conversation with the other passengers . I caught up with the friendly extra leg space passengers – Anja from Germany , Hamburg and Rebecca from Australia , Melbourne .

Anja was a Singapore PR here and she just loves flying with Tiger Airways for a weekend escapade with her friends as air fares are reasonably priced with flight timings are good for her .

Better than Air Asia for its comfort and service ” – Rebecca mentioned her second time flying with Tiger Airways and she simply loves the extra leg space flying to her favorite destinations as well as mentioning the friendly staff and services on board Tiger Airways . She loves to connect her flight from Melbourne to Singapore and Singapore to the rest of Asia for its low fares and extensive routes despite trying Air Asia in the past and always stick to Tiger Airways as her no.1 choice .

As for myself , this is my best flight with Tiger for its comfort and on-time service that many should be surprised ( even myself is ! ) and the cabin crews are professional – attending to your service in a minute or so . The flight itself was smooth including the take-off and landing – but downside is the long walk from the arrival hall to Immigration which oh well,saves us much on the airport taxes !

Of course , this won’t be made possible , with thanks to Tiger Airways . Book Now at Tiger Airways for the lowest fares always to your dream destination .

ABOUT TIGER AIRWAYS HOLDINGS LIMITED (Company Registration Number: 200701866W)

Established in September 2004, Tiger Airways now operates a fleet of 25 Airbus A320-family aircraft and is committed to increasing its fleet size to 68 by December 2015. The airline operates flights to 37 destinations across 12 countries and territories in Asia-Pacific from four bases in Singapore and Australia. For more information, please visit .

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  1. Really envious of your special treatment on Tiger air …….

    looks really good with the boardmefirst and extra leg spaces – and very informative .

    Awaiting your other posts with tiger airways !

  2. Detailed and nice experience you have .

    Now i am tempted to experience the treatment you have with Tiger !

    Wheeeeeeeee ~

  3. @Renay : Great that you love my experience . Truely love it myself too !

    @a_x everyone has different preferences and some may prefer other airlines than my own too . As for Tiger Airways , it is based in SG , hence making travels more convenient for us similarly .

    @Andy Thanks for the plug . Nice you like it too ! See you on board soon !

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