Shopping Spree : Here we gooooo ……… BANGKOK !

Guess where we are ?? We’re in Changi Airport T1 (duh ! Not viewing gallery ! ) and flying off ( again !!!!! ) to a shopping heaven , where no one denies it isn’t : Bangkok

Fully paid by Ciba Vision where we got to try out different lens from DAILIES to FRESHLOOK and AIR OPTIX on our whole trip in seeing the world from Singapore to Bangkok , for 2 days 2 nights with 9 other finalists with almost same ages as i do !

Once again , it feels GOOD to be the youngest as always and it’s a 8 ladies , 2 guys trip ( with no chio bu sadly ) .

Not to forget , Ben , Sharon and Adrian from Yolk and Eve from Ciba Vision for accompanying and making this trip possible .

Grabbed our check-in boarding passes and heh , got a window seat . Friend of mine has never flown before , so as for me who flew dozens of times a year , it doesn’t feel any difference without a window seat as it will be pitch dark ( the time we fly ) so i gave up my seat with her ( though she’s same age as me can !!!!! ) for a outer row seat . heh .

All geared up for a spree , don’t they ? Smiling and excited for the plane to Bangkok !

And that’s our plane !!!!! Sorry to say as we should be honest with all our reviews , it was so &!&!@&*!* cramp and quite uncomfortable with leg spaces SO SMALL that ish so budget !

And thank god for us socialising and ” observing ” each other – time’s really slow i bet ! How i wish we could fly THAI airways or any other 5 star airlines , but BUDGET is the keyword here , sadly .

Look who we got here , Sharon Loo who is a fellow participant and one of the best friends i knew before this trip ! 🙂 She looks chio , I’m not . Buay Song face , i know !

Sawatdee Khrab Thailand ! Finally landed and for sure , everyone thinks of SHOPPING !!!!!!

Ta da , we are officially in the grounds of Bangkok , and just steps away to exploring the city everyone has been excited to .

So what’s next ? Red Indian ? Stumble onto a GREAT discovery next ……… TOMORROW ( bleh! )

M18 for the next post guys ! So kids , stay out of this ! :X

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Spree : Here we gooooo ……… BANGKOK !”

  1. Nice post as always ………. Good Lucks for this trip !

    Won’t miss an episode i promise . Blog faster ok … love to read more of your bangkok trip .

  2. Sawatdee Khrab Bangkok .

    Good job in promoting our tourism & wants to see more of your posts .

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