TENFACE Bangkok : A 4 star Boutique Hotel

Seeking Comfort yet great hospitality in Land of Smiles , Bangkok ?

This is my FIRST time lying my legs in another hotel , which i usually stay in the other hotel for the past 5 continuous years at a city area near the river and shopping areas right at my doorstep , but oh well , AsiaWebDirect.com sponsored a 1 BEDROOM Suite ( 61 SQM) for us to experience Boutique Hotel TENFACE BANGKOK , which is a truely 4 star hotel .

The hotel starts with a little maze of stairs before reaching a metal steel door where you’ll be greeted with polite staff which you might have some communication problems due to the different languages and ascent .

Nevertheless , we’re bunked for 2 guys into a 1 bedroom suite , for 2 nights and welcomed by some sculptures before reaching the living room . Pretty nice spaces for photography and get yourself freshen up !

However the doors aren’t too strong to auto-close so bear in mind to keep them closed else they’ll be half opened and strangers might just tailgate behind .

Ignore the bed because the condition should be much better than this and it shouldn’t be there , but since it was intentionally for 3 pax a room , Mike ( my room mate ) and i were arranged for 2 pax in a room which gave us much more spaces and too bad , he chose for the living room with the bed already settled there while i’ve the bedroom all by myself ! ( jealous hur ? 😛 )

There’s no doubt of its ample size where you can hold a party in your room ( provided you don’t scream and shout to disturb other guests ) and a place where you can experience true comfort with APPLES ( Yes , my roommate loves apple ! ) , chocolates and a Nespresso coffee machine, Minibar, and Tea facilities , and of course a TV ! 😀

Heh , if u’re a music lover , an ipod nano is for you to dream away and be entertained ! But sorry , U can’t check out with the ipod nano , sadly !

Remember the previous mysterious photo ?! Yes here it is ! SURPRISE !!!!!!!!! Ok , it may look wrong with 2 guys in a room and why do we require such stuff . But amazing hur with the packaging and different emotions on the box ! AND the condom is NOT FREE mind you , pai seh if you’re a lady and you are asked to pay before you leave ! ( Luckily our 8 ladies didnt take any of ’em away else …. HAHA )

That’s MY Bed !!!!!!!!!! Supposed to be share with another person but it’s super great I’ve it all by myself and the bed is comfortable till you don’t want to move out of your blankets ! 😀 Nice designs with the table lamps at the side and big bedroom for me to roam around !

The hotel offers different choices of pillows you can choose from and a wall mounted television right in front of the bed which looks like those kind of honeymoon bed with the curtain and everything . Coolness !

As for the television , choices are pretty limited , with just a few international channels to tune around with , so perhaps that doesn’t matter to many who will only return at night to the hotel for entertainment .

My apologises that i tweeted that there’s no hair dryer when it was in the wardrobe ( i found it when i check out on the last day !!!!! ) with a safety deposit box to secure your items . Pretty safe because …… psst…… i lock my passport inside and nothing happens lor !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

To freshen up yourself , the bedroom is just next to my room , and its quite big !!!!! Not to forget , the different shampoo and soaps available inside the bathroom for your convenience .

Sorry for the talentless in capturing showers always . One of the only few hotels that offer both shower and bathtub and the space for you to roam around is pretty big so i love the space that i can refreshen myself without any limits and small constrained spaces .

Hungry ? Head downstairs for some yummy delights at Wanara Eatery that offers breakfast and some traditional thai foods where you can indulge and eat your way !~

Groove your way and spend your night with rocking hot music and experience true thai hospitality .

The hotel was great with its facilities , only that the location isn’t feasible if you’re a shopaholics and wants everything right at your doorstep . It’s pitch dark and quiet at night for tis surrounding and requires twists and turns on small alleys for about 15 minutes from the main road .

Hence a TUK TUK might help your way through these small curving roads to your destination , provided by the hotel to the nearest BTS Station !

TENFACE BANGKOK is suitable for those seeking comfort and peaceful sleeping areas ,away from the bustling areas of Bangkok ! No doubt for its size of the 1 bedroom suite , and of course the 2 bedroom suite where the other ladies were bunked in – with washing machine , cutlery dish washer and a huge dining table which sadly , i didn’t have a chance to experience ! 🙁

+ Points

Free SIM CARD for you to ring up the favorite Tom Yum soup restaurant to check if they’re open or any thai friends you’ve in thailand for a meet up !

Not to forget , FREE WIFI throughout the hotel which keeps us socializing and connected with friends online on how cool Tenface hotel was ! 🙂

Book TENFACE Bangkok for your next trip to Bangkok, you will not regret it!

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TENFACE HOTEL BANGKOK [ Official Hotel Website ]
81 Soi Ruamrudee 2 Wireless Rd. Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand
T +662 695 4242
F +662 695 4240
E info@tenfacebangkok.com

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  1. The best writeup i ever seen , so expressive and photos are vivid !

    Good Job SY !

    Love to read more on your bangkok adventure . Good they chose you to be part of the campaign to spread the word very effectively as a travel blogger !

    Will be back for more !

  2. Never fail in blogging good articles and detailed much on TENFACE Bangkok .

    Lovely ^^ Will be making TENFACE my next bangkok hotel this coming april

    TQ Sy for this .

    Keep up your good work – it doesnt feel good to be lost in all the research , and hope many other bloggers are blogging that good as yours who doesnt lead us to nowhere !

  3. Beautiful photos , lovely writeup . Tenface Bangkok will be on my list of hotels for my family trip to bangkok ……… Thank you SY .

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