218,400M² of Exploration : THE GRAND PALACE , BANGKOK


Looking good with our AIR OPTIX AQUA , we are off set to GRAND PALACE , BANGKOK – one of the most majestic palace in the world . Once occupied as a king residence and currently possess some buildings for the guests of king to stay in and closed to public ( of course ! ) , it’ll be an eye-opener trip for me to explore the grounds of beautiful architecture .

Here above is our tour guide who has been great help in explaining the details of THE GRAND Palace and sounds knowledgeable throughout the tour . 🙂 Looks professional and dressed up to the occasion hur ? And she speaks really well in english and explaining those facts !

Our entrance to the different areas in THE GRAND PALACE , BANGKOK where we will walk through the history of GRAND PALACE and the different prominent attractions within the area ( pretty big it is ! )

I don’t know what you will think of , but don’t these structures look like VENICE ? Oh and avoid the weekends because it’s so freaking crowded and you’ve to shove through the gates into the palace . Hang on tight with your guide else you’ll be pushed behind the others !

Grand Palace / Wat Phra Kaew looking beautiful and it’s made of gold !!!! Shiny and magnificent !

Statutes to waive off evil spirits and to protect the palace . I love how the whole place is built – big and shiny under the sun .

Count the number of statues = number of hours of exploration you’ll require to immerse into the THAI Hospitality ! 🙂

A directory of areas you can choose to explore from North to South and pretty big to walk around in this palace with lots of blocks of buildings !

Mini AngKor Wat – An exact scale model of the ancient city of Angkor Wat which has close ties to the original Siamese civilization and greatly influenced Thai architecture . Commissioned by King Rama IV to allow the people of Siam to see the wonders of the land held under the king’s dominion.

Created 790 years ago with us standing right in front of the structure – proud aren’t we ? 🙂

Artistic paintings on the wall – hand painted and still shiny and glittering !!!!!! Surprising isn’t it ?

Bought lotus , candle and joss stick for 30 baht to offer our prayers for those in JAPAN ……….

The place where the buddha is situated in with its costumes . 3 changes of different costumes by the king every year for the buddha statue and we’re told that only the king is able to walk through the centre path to change the costume for the buddha and it’s closed to all the public for the lane.

The place which we mentioned earlier for the guests of king to residence in and experience thailand …… Looks much better than RAFFLES hotel 😉

Chakri Mahaprasat Hall – The entire Palace is filled with interesting statues including the statues of the Yak (giants) which guard the courtyards.It also houses relics and statutes within the building .

Did we forget to mention a lady insert the brochure between her boobs ?! OMG lor please .

Another beautiful sculpture to showcase the fine craftsman and workmanship of thais ! Glittering and beautiful isn’t it ? 🙂

One of the many guards situated around GRAND PALACE BANGKOK – quite a landmark of the place hur !

A group photo to end off the trip well at GRAND PALACE , BANGKOK ! 🙂

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  1. I was there but cannot enter the palace because I did not wear a long pant. So sad.

    so close yet so far.

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