Savouring RM 6.99 Fish & Chips Manhattan Fish Market @ JB

Howdy peeps & Fish lovers ! Being a travel blogger , GUESS WHERE WE ARE ?!

Yes !!!!!! You’re right – truely ASIA MALAYSIA !!!!! The famous Jusco ÆON Tebrau City Shopping Mall ….. just for ……… Shopping ? Hanging Out ?

Not really , but we’re insane for THIS BIG ( MEGA BIG ) hot looking offer that sparks our interest to travel from Singapore just for this . ( of course SG does have this too @ SGD 3.99 promotional price , but shopping is next after this – Our main motive for travelling that down ! )

Whee for our perfect catch that goes just right with the fish & chips at a promotional price of additional RM 7.99 – with mushroom soup & drinks ( Coke / Sprite ) . Not watery at all – and quite good to start off your meal before the chips come frying !

Fish lovers , savour this much ! 😀 Tasty deep fried fish that doesn’t have the fishy taste and the fish meat is slices after slices . Tastes damn good with the sauce & not forgetting the fries !

See the fish meat slice after another ? Still missing the fragrance and the texture with sweet tomato ketchup to merge with the taste !!!!!

And did we mention almost everyone ordered the same dish ?! Guess the chef just cooks ’em in bulk for all the orders !

The little history about Manhattan Fish Market , else we won’t be here sitting in this today !

Nice restaurant and the staff speak quite good english , so don’t worry about the communications barrier !

Waves to my bill . Quite ok lah , compared to SG for sure . But one thing is that the ice lemon tea doesn’t taste like one – no flavour and the taste isn’t there – its tooooo watery !!!!!!

And sorry if i didn’t manage to convince you to get yourself onto one because 1. i’m not a food blogger and 2. I’m not paid for this post to convince you . But picture does tell a thousand word , so head down yourself while promotion ends on 8 APRIL 2011 at RM 6.99 ONLY for its Fish & Chips Dine-in only !

All photos are snapped by HTC Desire Z , the Desire Family phone .

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