How we engage in Social Media Tools for our travels & you can too !

When it comes to the hottest travel topic : backpacking on how you get things moving smoothly , without the need for much hassle flipping of catalogues , magazines and the guidebook that has been apparently lost among stack of books in your house , it’s always been a deadblock for many . How do i get started ?

What’cha you gonna do if you can’t get your resources planning for your upcoming trip ? That’s where SOCIAL Media comes into picture , exactly what we did in our pre-interview with Channel News Asia all new – how business uses social media reality show : ‘ Clickability ‘ .

So how are you gonna start that off ? Not just googling or yahoo-ing will fly you off to a trip filled with fun and money saver insider tips you hardly get ’em online !


# 1 . Foursquare *

Foursquare is an excellent guide ( of course not as good as GPS phones that could get you to directions without wifi / mobile internet connection and recommend you good food / pubs nearby ) that uses its GPS receiver to locate your location and enables check-ins ( so that your friend / followers can find you there ) and better still , providing nearby attractions / food / pubs or even hotels within your research all on the app – available on android / apple . If you’ve been stalking us ( we don’t really hope you do really 😛 ) , you’ll know we leave tips and status updates , check-ins for everywhere we fly and go to ! Enjoyable indeed .

# 2 . Tripit *

Tripit has been quite a tool i’ve been using for a few months and it’s proven useful as its so much better than your calendar – it tracks and ticks when you’ve flew to the destination , done that attraction or eaten that hokkien mee . Known as Point Tracker , it does almost anything like a stalker , only that it wont hurt you , with stalking your location with a GPS and ‘X’ when you’re done with it and off to your next destination ! Maps all fully integrated – perfect travel companion that you cant get lost with it !

# 3 . Tripdiv *

Tripdiv – a useful calculator app that you cant do it away for any trip out to calculate the expenses , planning and inviting all your friends to this whole adventure without cracking your brain to divide the costs . Let Tripdiv do the maths for you , easily .

# 4 , Twitter *

No doubt for its power of Social Media , Twitter could get you through your way to the routes you want to explore or any insider tips you love to hear from – the locals of the country ! Just tweet and wait for the reply if you do have followers – and helpful enough to reply your tweet ! Just search through twitter for any occasions or attractions – someone could be tweeting about it at that moment ! Useful ++++ guide for sure !

# 5 . Online Guides & Tourism Websites .

Lonely Planet Guide

Ask a question on tourism websites facebook pages or scan through the page – you might get someone to reply your question and learn more before you touch down onto the country ! That’s exactly what i did before i depart to Japan – first time and free & easy , i just asked some questions on Visit_Japan Facebook page and it is just so instant , flooded with comments on its local guide and food ! Useful much ! Not to forget , you can also install guidebooks ( E-BOOKS ) or android / apple apps such as LONELY PLANET * to travel light yet knowledgeable without worries of getting lost , all in your phone ! Convenient for sure !

Our Recent Engagements ……….

1 . Sentosa – Asia’s Favourite Playground : We engaged in Social Media with the use of Foursquare to check-in to locations , twitter to put our thoughts in 140 characters on our go-abouts and uploading photos on Official Facebook Fan page during and after our exploration at Sentosa to introduce Sentosa’s Newest 1 Day PLAY PASS – 13 ATTRACTIONS ALL IN 1 ! We believe the strong engagement and reach out to a bigger community online , by live tweeting , snapping and uploading to individual social media channels . Check out our recent tweets and Official Facebook Fan Page posting for more as well as upcoming blog posts .

2 . Batam Trip with Grand Duck Restaurant & New Town Coffee Restaurant : Major tweets with photos since its a food trip , writeups with photos , locations and contacts as well as menus and sharing on our facebook wall posts as well as foursquare check-ins and leaving tips behind every check-ins . It was received with a strong outreach to increase the brand awareness of the restaurants and attract singaporeans to dine in while in Batam . Check out our food posts and facebook wall postings . Response and likes was overwhelmed with the quality of shots and how information is passed on to the readers .

3 . Tiger Airways BoardMeFirst & Extra Leg Spaces Comfort – Sponsored by Tiger Airways Singapore , we introduced Tiger Airways newest add-on services through our facebook postings with photos , blog posts with rich media including interviews with guests on their feelings with Tiger Airways and the comfort level , as well as our reviews on the experience . Tweets were also sent when we touched down right after the experience and was retweeted with the photo snapped onboard .

Want your brand to take flight like what others have ? Contact us now for the best social media solutions for your business to reach out to the online travel world .

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2 thoughts on “How we engage in Social Media Tools for our travels & you can too !”

  1. Hello SY! Was nice travelling with you during the Media Indo trip!
    I like this Travel Talk section, it’s a unique feature I dont see on many travel blogs! Always good to offer hot tips on social media (esp. for traditional writers like me; think typewriter, pen and paper) haha!

    Oh, don’t forget to study hard too!
    Have an awesome week!

    Sy Reply:

    Hello Lynne!

    Thanks for dropping by once again and yes, nice to meet you too on the trip!

    Yeap Yeap i love this too, only that sometimes i don’t have the time to share but many find it useful too! 🙂 Glad you too!

    Will do and have a good week too!

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