ASUS Express Gate Cloud : Boots up the next second .

The ASUS Express Gate Cloud is the in-thing for a laptop that i will look out for now , of course only available on ASUS Laptops and it boots up just within a second with the start-up screen and off to the world .

The ASUS Express Gate Cloud is just like another Operating System that allows you to tweet , facebook , youtube , browse through photos and even schedule your tasks all within the 15″ laptop ! Amazing , isn’t it !

Get yourself connected to your favourite websites and to the world just within a few seconds to boot up the ASUS Express Gate Cloud – a simple interface that you can favourite and retrieve it later when you love to surf it – reminds me of the old windows internet explorer !

Facebook-ing has never been easier than this – to retrieve your chats , notifications all within the ASUS Express Gate Cloud – quite innovative application to get all of ’em from a widget without going 1 by 1 on your browser . Now you can connect more easier without so much hassle – More social savvy !

Watch your videos you’ve been hunting episodes after episodes , with just a click that’s so convenient ! With ASUS Express Gate Cloud Youtube Widget , you’ll never have difficulty navigating from top rated to most watch and videos you’ve always been watching all within 1 widget !

Reminisce the memories with browsing your photos all within the ASUS Express Gate Cloud beautiful interface – slide it from 1 to another that your normal Windows Operating System with its photo border that has an album feel ! Innovative and creative !

Organise your next trip out or any schedules with ASUS Express Gate Cloud very own calendar like your very own desktop calendar – just different design that amazes you .

Similar to the desktop with different personalisation to your very own laptop style , it has many settings like webcam calibration , System Information , Audio Settings and many more within the ASUS Express Gate Cloud .

The ASUS N53S is more than what you think it will amaze you with , so grab it away right now for a brand new user experience like never before .

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7 thoughts on “ASUS Express Gate Cloud : Boots up the next second .”

  1. How to access the ASUS Express Gate Cloud?

    Sy Reply:

    Simply press the button on selected ASUS models and that will lead you into the ASUS EXPRESS GATE CLOUD within minutes! 🙂

  2. Q: Does Asus Express Gate Cloud has a music player ?!

    Sy Reply:

    Yes, it does have one!

  3. So where can I get a copy of the press release you copied?

    Sy Reply:

    Hi Tetsuo,

    which press release do you refer to? It’s an original blog post as published here, not from any official press release issued by ASUS.

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