Now in Batam – Endless Fun begins


Ahoy ! From the land of food that you love chomping to a place where shopaholics will craze over goodies and homemade cookies to authentic massage that you can’t experience anywhere else , yes we’re now in BATAM , Indonesia (Live blogging of course ! ) , not too far from Singapore ! Of course , this mega deal is brought to you by DEAL.COM.SG for a weekend escapade like no other.

Soooo excited to get on board the Batam Fast this time , my very 1st time on Batam Fast to another port on Batam and the 2nd time on a ferry towards Batam ! Fully armed and prepared to board the ferry with our boarding passes and return tickets !

The really different boarding pass – so environmental friendly ( budget , to be honest ) with our ferry details and Batam Centre , the next place we’ll land our footprints on 1 of the 5 different Batam Ports !

And that’s our ferry on the waters of HarbourFront Cruise Centre – ready for boarding ! 2 storeys of the ferry – the top for sceneries and photography whilst the lower is air conditioned with 3 toilets.

The looking good Batam Fast that we hope it will be fast enough to get us to Batam for those excitement to start ! And too breezy for many who loves to get onboard the higher deck !

Getting too bored of the ferry ride that is quite squeezy due to many who loves a weekend escapade to the islands very near Singapore and skip the mega jam at Woodlands – the ferry is fully packed with tourists to the similar island we’re heading for ! ALL SMILES . TEE HEE ! 😀

See who tagged along with me on this food + shopping + massage + craziness trip – my mummy aka financial backing . 🙂 🙂 See , she’s too happy , not as happy as me leh .

One of the beautiful snaps that you can only get on a ferry / cruise out at sea ! See how blue the water is for water sports / snorkeling !

Now who doesn’t love to stay in one of those suites – building up on the shores of Singapore !

The kampung boy up the coach , on the grounds of BATAM !!!! Looks like a local isn’t it ! 😀

Our first adventure starts here …… PAINTBALL + FLYING FOX COMBO ! The area is really ulu but accessible by FREE SHUTTLE provided by Golden View Hotel Batam to the flying fox , go kart around the circuit , Paintball and many more challenges you sure won’t want to miss getting your hands on !

Collecting our safety harness and helmet …. NEXT FOR THE EXHILARATING RIDE ! Such an amazing way to start the adventure in Batam !

Challenge your limits over the different obstacles and conquering your fears of height whilst ending your way at the Flying Fox to the ground ZERO ! Mad excited but a bit shaky as you climb those stairs !

Manage to spot yours truely up on the shaky stairs ? It takes much courage to climb that height okay whilst the other prepares to take his flight off the tower !

” Too late to regret , i’m up here ” – a fellow adventurer says right behind me . And you can think of that height with the small stairs – it’s much of a challenge to the heart ! All checks with my safety gears and my last prayers …………

And i’m off leaping with much courage and the flying fox course isn’t too long , with the next few seconds to the ground and across a pond !

Thanks to this good buddy – the harness for safely flying off and landing . Shocked ? Not really but breezy to blow across my face !

Next for another excitement – PAINTBALL Challenge – Point and shoot with a rifle and bullets loaded !

Posing for another shoot that is too exciting for one to resist with fully loaded bullets hur !

And the mission isn’t really enemies , just bottles and some tyres to shoot ’em down .

So serious with my shooting , don’t play play with those bullets ! Watch out you bottles ! 😡

Yes as i’m blogging this , i’m lazing on my bed – thanks to free internet by Golden View Hotel – the hotel we are stayed put at with free live musical performance ( noise rather at this hour ) outside downstairs from our suite ! Did we mention , our rooms are kindly upgraded by Golden View Hotel to a Deluxe Room for free ? Yeap , and the space to roam around is SO BIG ! I LOVE IT for the spaciousness and cleanliness for its 4 star hotel – no doubt at all ! [ More on the hotel will be up within this weekend ! ]

Not much time to rest our legs on , we headed off for an unique experience – the batik clothes where we visited a local shop that sells batik and do you know batik is locally made ? Amazing isn’t it !

Do you know global brands like Polo T-SHIRTS also come from INDONESIA and they’re so much cheaper than Singapore that many loves to grab it here locally ? Yes and this is another outlet we went shopping for ……………..

Love even more with POLO RALPH high quality clothes and many more geunine clothes all sold at many outlets throughout Indonesia you can easily grabbed from , especially Polo T-SHIRTS !

Now you love to be here , yes shopholics do . And another reason to shop your goodies here ! 🙂

After a whole day of fun and shopping , what’s better than a lovely massage to end off the day ? Now treat my legs and body to those authentic massage – and my first time with a full body massage ! I must say it is SO SHIOK and relaxing under the skilful hands of the masseur with oil to promote blood circulation and its not so painful as my first foot reflexology in batam!

Hot , Spicy , Wah ! 3 words to describe BATAM FOOD – hot and spicy with every dish for your taste buds to enjoy and chunk in for ! Now more local with local food !

Cheers to GREEN APPLE BUBBLE TEA to cool down those heat and end off the whole day of shopping + fun + massage ! 😉

See you Batam tomorrow for a whole load of activities and remember to follow us here and @Sylistic Travelogue LIVE BLOGGING ! 🙂

Good Nights from Batam and heartfelt thanks to DEAL.COM.SG for sponsoring this weekend escapade !

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