The MARINA BAY SANDS Blogger’s Xperience [ STAYCATION ]

The 3 tall looking structure with a huge casino and just opposite the extremely colourful floating platform with a weird looking lotus just along the river – now you know which we are referring to and yes , indeed we are pleased to be invited by MARINA BAY SANDS Singapore with 4 other popular bloggers from the travel to lifestyle to truly experience the MARINA BAY SANDS .

Shot from The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark – the Other side of Singapore , never so beautiful

Who will turn down such an invite for a staycation at a 5 Star Hotel where everyone has always been eyeing and showering their attention on ? And here we go …. bringing you our run-through of our Xperience where we dine , play , watch and stay luxuriously .

Everything starts off luxuriously with the early check-in to our suite , valued at $988 per night or more during peak seasons and sometimes cheaper for packages and kindly sponsored by Marina Bay Sands for a night at the ORCHID Suite .

Orchid Suite at MARINA BAY SANDS , Room 5217 soaring above the grounds at 52nd level .

The ORCHID Suite is beautifully designed and very innovative in roaming around the suite and it is very spaciously spread out and fused with the bedroom and living room all just a step away . And did we mention it has 2 huge LCD Tvs with a balcony for you to screammmmmm your love for MARINA BAY SANDS , hopefully someone hears you from 52nd storey !

The bathtub that is so spacious and fits just nicely in the ORCHID SUITE bathroom .

Cheeky me loves the bathroom best ! It’s so spacious like my bedroom and unlimited freedom to walk from the shower to the bathtub to the toilet , all separated with frosted / clear glass and 2 basins for you to wash and make up at the same time . Oh yes , guests are pampered with Paiza bathroom amenities and free wifi throughout for you to get connected every minute !

Ohhh and we keep the other details for the next post to speak more !

After checking into our suite and the amazing experience that blew us quite a bit , we were treated with a sumptuous lunch at Pizzeria Mozza before our shopping hunt starts ! And amazingly , 9 chefs opened 9 restaurants at THE SHOPPES , yes a place where you will go mad shopping for the best goodies in town and simply check-into the restaurants for a feast to fight with your growling stomach !

A table of specially prepared food that simply bloats our stomach after the 3 course lunch that looks more than that .

Crispy goat cheese with Umbrian lentils that tastes really good – crispy outside , soft inside to Calamari al forno with fagioli and oregano how nicely baked the squids are with the freshness and drizzled with olive oil mixed with oregano and beans to make the dish a perfect combination .

Prosciutto di Parma and Bufala Mozzarella

Enjoy the raw-taste ham with some fats chunked within Prosciutto di Parma and Bufala Mozzarella but it’s a bit saltish so go it with some water . A dish sure not to be missed for a smooth texture to go with your taste buds !

An uniquely Cavernous Curvaceous Cornecion pizza with the egg floating and smashed later. And its Chessy to resist any !

The golden pass to all our shopping spree – a $100 shopping voucher and WHAT CAN YOU BUY for $100 at MARINA BAY SANDS ?! Well you can ! 🙂

After a tough decision at The Travel Store between Hush Puppy Luggage – pretty small for $99 and this sling bag for $138 , i decided to grab the sling bag for its common usability and flexibility on the go ! It does look good too , doesn’t it after a 20% OFF GSS Promotion at only $110.80 ! Great Offers , only at MARINA BAY SANDS – a truely GSS experience .

The Chairman Suite , most prestigious Suite in Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Loves Marina Bay Sands even more , with its CHAIRMAN SUITE valued at $17,000 and yours truely sure won’t have the moolah to afford to stay in such a high class suite – its a maze inside with 4 BEDROOMS – perfect for a family , karaoke room , pinball and even a small saloon for you to dress your hair up for that special occasion the night later . Oh and stay tuned for the post for a brand new CHAIRMAN SUITE @ MARINA BAY SANDS too .

The cheerful bloggers and invited guests – Muiyee , Eunice munching away the snacks whilst admiring the sunset at the backdrop at KU DÉ TA Singapore , 57th floor of the MARINA BAY SANDS SkyPark . All smiley , now you wish to be in the group isn’t it !

The resident show of Marina Bay Sands for its LION KING – very popular among my foreign friends to catch it in quite a big theater like the ESPLANADE and the show was quite grand with lots of performancers and live music , yes you heard it right – for a concert like this .

The best way to wake up with a brilliant morning – watching the sunrise in the heart of the CBD , while dipping a swim at the Marina BAY SANDS SkyPark ! Luxury isn’t it !

Chunk into the hearty breakfast with widespread of western and chinese cuisines all at MARINA BAY SANDS . For Orchid Suite Guest , there are 3 alternatives to dine – at the SkyPark or Tower 2 Chinese Restaurant or simply at TOWER 1 International Buffet that is really sumptuous and delicious !

Our last stop for the Blogger’s Experience ended off at the ARTSCIENCE Museum where we referred the weird looking lotus along the Singapore River – pretty humid weather so come’on in !

Yes , that’s how it looks like – too big to shoot below it – and how it’s being designed to make it captivating and unique with many different exhibits like Dali – Dream of Genius Innovations and crazy ideas that are seem implementable in our current era , with many other antiques and Singapore’s good location for the shipping routes .

That’s not all for its luxuriously experience and us being pampered at Marina Bay Sands – we’ll be covering more in DETAILS on the CHAIRMAN SUITE , the ORCHID SUITE that we stayed in as well as more Experiences , only on , Singapore Youngest Travel Blog.

This Blogger’s Experience is sponsored by Marina Bay Sands Singapore and the blogger adheres to the Disclosure Policy of with its true and honest reviews .

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