Fort Siloso – The Surrender Chamber

The Japanese occupation in Singapore started in year 1942 and ended at 1945 with the Japanese surrendering to the British after atomic bombs were dropped at Hiroshima . You could also read about our coverage of the area where the Hiroshima Atomic Dome exists and stands after the bomb was dropped within the area .

The surrender chamber was indeed one of the saddest moments to end off the sorrows & hungers of the civilians , yet the joyful moments to end off the World War II . No doubt , memories still linger in the hearts and minds of those who did experience the World War II from 1942 to 1945 .

The Ford Factory was where the British surrendered to the Japanese after a long fight on 15 February 1942 , Chinese New Year . Here depicting the British surrendering and signing an agreement with the Japanese to hand over Singapore to Japanese .

The proud looking Japanese soldiers standing guard on the streets to screen through eligible civilians at checkpoint .

After 3 and a 1/2 years of hardship , the Japanese surrendered after 2 atomic bombs are landed at Hiroshima . Here seen are Japanese representatives signing and agreeing to documents .

Agreeing and witnessing the surrender of Japanese at Municipal Building of Singapore , City Hall .

The British Marine and Japanese Guard witnessing the signing of surrender documents at City Hall .

A poster depicting the different difficulties faced by civilians right after the surrender of the Japanese such as worthless banana money and hunger as well as looting throughout the streets .

The effects of after-war , with much more freedom , just before the British returned back to power .

The FORD SILOSO Singapore is indeed a MUST VISIT attraction for tourists and locals like myself that hasn’t been there before for a few hours historical exploration that you sure won’t want to miss on your next stop to Sentosa !

Fort Siloso
Alight at UNDERWATER WORLD Station
Prices: S$8 / Adult , S$5 / Child

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