If you think going around AngKor Wat in Cambodia is a bad idea for you thanks to its mazy look-alike structures , now what about you having the privilege to stay in the cream of the crop 629 SQ METRES // 4 bedroom suite , known as CHAIRMAN SUITE in a world-class 5 star resort located in the heart of Singapore – THE MARINA BAY SANDS ?

The CHAIRMAN SUITE located at level 53 with beautiful views overlooking the city and the Marina Bay Floating Platform where everyone celebrates national day & other grand moments like YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES is priced at $17,000 per night , and now you do know why it’s more than gems to be able to rest your feets onto every tile of the suite .

Lying right in front of the suite and welcoming you is the Baby Grand Piano at the LIVING ROOM where you can simply play the keys and entertain your guests in the CHAIRMAN SUITE .

The Living Room is divided into 2 – one with the dining area and pantry while the other with sofas and separated into another 1/2 with 2 LCD Televisions back to back to each other .

Artistic shiny divider engraving on the walls for the backdrop just before the karaoke room and fully carpeted living room to get your feets comfortable on moving around the suite . Not to mention , the beautiful view of Singapore River from 200 metres above the ground .

A place to gather for meals and gathering in the living room or to entertain your guests within the suite.

A little pantry for your guests to wash up without entering into your bathroom and to freshen up before you head out and did you realise everything looks exceptionally shiny here ?

The Chairman suite also boasts a kitchen pantry where you can whip up some dishes , using the microwave or simply receiving your room service orders from the door at the back . Quite secretive isn’t it !

Look at how maze-y it can be linking rooms to another but i don’t mind staying in one ! 😛 Who doesn’t love to rest your legs on such a luxurious suite ! Perhaps with a gps so that i don’t get lost in the midst ! 😛

What i love about Marina Bay Sands Chairman suite similar to the ORCHID SUITE we stayed in is that it does have a private place for you ( in every bedroom ) to change and dress up before it leads to the bathroom so that you don’t have to dress up all wet in your bathroom !


There are a total of 4 bedrooms , including 1 master bedroom within the MARINA BAY SANDS Chairman Suite . Of course there are also different bed types you can opt from , including a twin bed and king size bed for the owner of the suite ! 😉

Twin Size beds with a pillow menu you can choose your desired pillows before you land your feet on Marina Bay Sands for a blissful night sleep away ! I usually love the twin size beds for myself to have the whole bed by myself ! 😉

Wondering how the master bedroom looks like ? It’s the grandest of all for its largest bedroom size with easy access to the bathroom that overlooks the beautiful city view with Paiza bathroom amenities for you to bathe in ! Doesn’t the bedroom looks grand yet simple with its facilities ?

Boasting a bathtub with separate rain shower and premium bathrobe to indulge and freshen up after a long day – simply luxurious ! 😉 The Paiza Bathroom Amenities include soap , shampoo and conditioner for more prefect skin .

The jacuzzi bathtub – comfy to bathe in and a head rest pillow at the side for you to rest and enjoy the bathe after a long day .

I prefer the other bathtub in a smaller bathroom but with more perfect & unobstructed of the city and sea view . Perfect to enjoy your bathe with the beautiful sea view just in front of you , isn’t it ?

A motion detector toilet bowl that is very innovative which opens its lit when you are near to it simply amazes me – but sure you can’t wait in emergency ! 😛

No doubt for the expensive treasures that guest will have , the MARINA BAY SANDS safety deposit box that is quite huge to even have a luggage fit in !


Massage circulates your blood and what’s better for an in-room massage , not on your bed but in a room , specially built for massage ? Sounds good with the special quiet ambiance for you to enjoy and relax the massage under the skilful hands of the masseurs .

Needs to groom up your hair for the special event ? No worries for a private salon , within your room with your hair beautician at your own comfort and relaxation !

Linking to the salon is the powder room for you to make up and dress – realise everything’s shiny as gold here ?

Fancy a round of pool billiard without waiting for your turn to play ? Now you can , only at MARINA BAY SANDS CHAIRMAN SUITE with a POOL TABLE within your suite , all in privacy with some snacks to entertain you along with your guests while watching the game .

Hate those sweats on the equipments ? Marina Bay Sands Chairman Suite has a private gym with sauna and steam bath for guests to enjoy their private moments pumping those iron while pampering themselves with these facilities you can’t find in elsewhere !

Guess who’s here ! Not the hostess for the night , but travel blogger Eunice with her pose on how satisfactory she is with the chairman suite ! 😉

Comfy Karaoke Room with high boost entertainment system to sing it aloud for any occasions non-stop , all in private within the suite .

After a 30 minutes of tour around this luxurious suite ever on the grounds of Marina Bay Sands , it’s all back to reality . *bump* I will never extravagance my money for this 1 night stay at $17,000 cold hard Singapore Dollars , that seems very memorable though which i would rather spend my money flying on those budget airlines to and fro .

Thousand of times , i could be jet-flying to and fro , Kuala Lumpur .

This Blogger’s Experience is sponsored by Marina Bay Sands Singapore and the blogger adheres to the Disclosure Policy of with its true and honest reviews .

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  1. Haha I see Eunice! Nice tour. The Chairman Suite is big enough for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their entire family!

    Sy Reply:

    Oh yes ! 😀

    With their crew and everyone to be all fit in the suite ! 😉

  2. We didn’t have the chance viewing this suite during our review last year. Is she Eunice? Cute!

  3. Anything with a tub with a great view of a pretty city makes it for me. Taking a bath with these rooms is just like having a special dinner date in your own bathroom.

    And the pool table just made it perfect for me. Nicey Nicey 🙂

    Sy Reply:

    Indeed, it’s luxurious to stay in a suite like this!

  4. It got me at the overlooking bathroom.

    It’s just great to bathe on top of the world.

    Sy Reply:

    Indeed! The feeling is… heavenly!

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