Will SPARKY meet his dream girl ? Generous Rewards inside.

Sparky – the famous star that you always see in the recent commercials by a company that loves HUBBING is right smack back on its adventure , but a different one this time as he’s on his moves for his true dream girl – his new love and your help is essential for him to eventually find her .

Hubbing ReDefined

Starhub presents its Singapore’s very first INTERACTIVE commercial where one could simply interact with the characters on TV with their mobile phones like a 3D experience which will be premiering on Starhub TV and Youtube on 26 August ! Love Tail is part of HUB IT! campaign that allows full interactions under Starhub newest initiative .

Using StarHub’s newly launched free Hub It! app for iPhones and Androids, viewers will be able to – for the first time ever –explore the world within a commercial by interacting with the characters and the scenes on TV with their mobiles, an experience that is much like role playing computer games. This interactive adventure blurs the lines between viewers’ mobiles,TVs and computers, bringing the StarHub promise of seamless excitement to life.


1 . Download it : Contestants have to download the free Hub It! app from the app store or android market , start up the Fetch-A-Reward camera and align it with the commercial on TV or YouTube to kick-start the interactive experience.

2. Mark your calendar : From 26 August to 10 September, clues and hints will be revealed on the Hub It! app and StarHub’s Facebook page which includes clues that enable you to hunt down hidden scenes , tasks , videos , games and more following from the launch of the exciting Love Tail commercial .

3. Treasure Hunting: With the generous tips on the Hub It! app and Starhub Facbook page , each clue will enable you to unlock a map – one step closer to fulfilling Sparky’s Dreams in finding his dream girl. Remember to stalk , stalk and stalk for clues !

You’ll be REWARDED .

No doubt for the happiness and experience you will gain from treasure hunting for clues and unlocking ’em , StarHub will reward our hardworking contestants with an impressive prize pool that includes $10,000 cash, a MacBook Air, an iPad 2, a BlackBerry PlayBook, a Samsung 3D TV and a Bose Sound System – sounds amazing , don’t you think so ?


In addition to Love Tail and the fantastic prizes one won’t resist for , StarHub will also offer attractive rewards to the public . Instant gifts like Golden Village movie vouchers, StarHub Music Store goodies, StarHub Game Store credits, limited edition premiums and more are up for grabs across 600 bus stops in Singapore where you just have to decode with the Hub It! mobile app or other QR code readers so remember to install the app via your android or iphone to win these goodies home .

Now , start hubbing to win the awesome prizes be it at home , at the bus stop or on YouTube – connect with StarHub today for endless rewards that you sure won’t want to miss !

P.s. Watch this space on 26 August for your quest to be unlocked and join in the fun for more excitement !

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