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Off to a new adventure in MANILA – the land that you will always be stuck in the jam, it’s a smart choice to choose a hotel close to attractions, MRT stations ( the human crowd makes no difference to the number of cars on the road ) and most importantly, shopping malls so that you can have your meals settled somewhere nearby than having to get to places just for it.

Our In-Room Video Review of GoHotels.ph Manila

If all of the above is what you’re hunting for, GoHotels.ph is definitely a choice that meets all the criterias! It is just a 10 mins walk from the Boni MRT station and 1 min across to ROBINSON CYBERGATE Shopping Mall where you can find restaurants, food courts, mobile shops, fast food and supermarket to stock up your snack bar.

We’re really pleased to be sponsored for 2 nights in this valued chain hotel – GoHotels.ph located in the heart of Manila which is about 40 mins away from the MANILA International Airport + a reach to many shopping malls down the road and a beautiful scenic river flowing pass the hotel.

GoHotels.ph gives me an impression of a massive hotel with its really big lobby that guests can simply laze around and make comfy like it’s their home. Friendly english speaking staff also makes your day much better with queries to get to destinations, though there are times when mis-communications occur and it takes quite long for them to digest what i’m trying to ask. Best way to get your message across : Show them the picture of a place or grab a map and figure out yourself – that will be much faster.

All smiles for our room that awaits us at the 5th level of GoHotels.ph and thanks to GoHotels.ph for listing us as VIP! We really feel like one – quick check-in and everything has been settled for us before we arrive!

GoHotels.ph has kindly arranged a room right in front of anywhere to the lift or to the lobby so that we don’t have to walk all the way in and wow, that’s a brilliant room when i push the door open! The room is just so spacious and a spanking clean floor that you don’t have to wear your slippers around the place and out to the lobby ( it is just 4 steps from my room 😛 ).

Stepping forward to our beds, we’ve a twin bed with 2 soft pillows to complement on the stay. The rooms are also equipped with FREE WIFI that seems to be stronger outside than in the room ( though our room is located just next to the router outside ) and all rooms are air-conditioned and fully equipped with basic amenities like toilet with soap, shower gel and toiletries as well as a wall mounted television to keep you occupied during your stay here.

GOHotels.ph is environmental-conscious on resources so you will find a leaf lying on your bed – only place it on your bed linens, should you need ’em changed !

No worries about the heat because all rooms are equipped with air-conditioner ( you don’t have to pay for it unlike some other budget hotel chains! ) and you can also enjoy television programmes right in your room without paying for any packages than any other budget hotels – look how affordable it is with all-inclusive?

A 20″ TV that might face some outages ( during the night – due to the reception? ) but there’s many many programmes like Discovery Channel, MTV ASIA that you can enjoy while lying on your bed. As you can also see, rooms are brightly lit with a few lights and table lamp with a curtain that you can pull over from the direct sunlight.

The room is also very spacious to “explore” around without constraining your space with all your luggage lying around and ample sockets for you to charge your electronic items before you’re up for the next adventure !

Now you don’t have to carry your precious items around with you as GoHotels.ph has a safety deposit box in each room to store ’em and this will save alot of hassle when you explore Manila! For storage of your luggage after you’ve checked out, it is chargeable at PHP 50 per luggage.

A value-chained hotel does not mean everything is limited – you get to enjoy a private bathroom with stylish walls and non-slippery floors so that you don’t slip after a bath. A soap and shower gel is also provided free of charge ( you don’t have to buy them! ) but it’s wrapped in a really strong wrapper that you need very much effort to tear it off ( imagine i spent 10 mins and failed with that just for a piece of soap! ) and lots of patience.. patience.. patience to get the soap off!

Comfort is what every guest loves to indulge in, so at GOHotels.ph, we’re really pleased to find a 2 shower ( hand-held shower whilst the other is a rain shower ) in our bathroom. You can choose to switch between the bigger shower that produces more powerful water or the smaller one that you’ll have to hold while you bathe! Water is all clean but never drink directly from the tap.

If you’re finding where’s the hair dryer, they’re chargeable for a fee at PH 100 for every usage but there are a few universal sockets in the toilet that you can charge your electronic items, should they not fit into the normal philippines socket.

GoHotels.ph has a friendly concept that you might even make more friends with other guests from around the world with its really spacious lobby on every floor that has sofas ( plenty of them ) with TVs mounted on the wall and WIFI that you won’t be able to tolerate in your room that you can get connected super fast right here ( is that why the lobby is for? 😛 ) . Loves the big big lobby right outside my room that i can just step out and relax instead of staying in the room for the whole night and you can chomp your food here than in your room ( there’s a fine for any food found in your room ! )

If you peek out of the windows, you’ll have a view of the river that flows down the street and a small pasar malam at the back of the hotel – you’re warned to avoid to try street food else you might end up with a stomach-ache! And look at those tonnes of people down there at the pasar malam with a breathtaking view of the river – you could have a peaceful night with the view while you sleep away.

At the end of the day, your safety is not compromised with a need to swipe your key card before you can even enter the lobby – that’s how safe you’ll be, when you stay at GoHotels.ph . Even at shopping malls, security checks are at all entrances, so it’s good to have this security access to ensure the safety of all guests!

GoHotels.ph will definitely be my choice of accommodation – so do consider GOHotels.ph on your next visit to Manila and across Philippines as GoHotels.ph is rapidly expanding across the city Palawan, Dumaguete, Tacloban, Bacolod and many more. Book now for the best rates available as low as a plate of char kuey teow ( that’s how low it is! ) so book as early as you can to enjoy lowest best affordable rates that GoHotels.ph can offer!

Be assured of the comfort at such a low price and be wowed for the price that you pay on a valued hotel across GoHotels.ph properties. It’s worth every dollar for the comfort, convenience, spacious-ness and friendliness one could enjoy at GoHotels.ph.

Upper Ground, Robinsons Cybergate Plaza
EDSA corner Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
Tel: 0922-GOHOTEL

This stay is made possible, with thanks to GoHotels.ph . Enjoy the BEST rates by booking NOW for your next visit to Manila on GoHotels.ph and keep updated on GoHotels.ph promotions on GoHotels.ph Official Facebook Page .

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