广州白云机场铂尔曼大酒店 | Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel – a 5 STAR Experience


Travel Journeys are exceptionally inspirational and memorable for me, especially when the stay is too comfy to forget = VIP treatment starts right from the time i landed my first footprints onto the grounds of a country.

I was on a flight back home from Manila to Singapore via Guangzhou when i flipped the Tiger Tales magazine on Tiger Airways and something just caught my eyes with the TOP 5 Top-Flight Inns that are located just next to the airport, and ranking number 1 seems too familiar – PULLMAN Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel and i go ahhh … the hotel that i was welcomed right from the time i stepped off the plane to the hotel and i smiled, reminiscing the great memories i had with the 5 star comfort, convenience, service and facilities despite it being only a night stay.

From the time i stepped my left foot out of the plane, i was greeted with my name on a flipbook and i was pretty shocked because i thought someone will welcome me, only after i cleared immigration and never did i expect a warm welcome just seconds after i step out of the plane!

Everything was well taken care with your baggage being carried for you and trolley pushed for you all the way to the arrival hall where you hop onto a mini-bus specially arranged by PULLMAN Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel . Shuttle service can also be arranged when you make a booking where the bus will pick you up at the designated timing.

Boasting just a 3 mins walk away from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel – see how convenient it is and perfect after a long flight when you really just feel like resting your feets and throw yourself to the bed and sleep away? That’s exactly the reason why you should consider an airport hotel like Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel , the next time you land late or on a transit flight to other countries.

The big symbollic lollipop right at the front is soooo sweet with all our experience right now, and honestly, this is my 1st experience staying at an airport hotel, with thanks to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel for sponsoring the night, right after i landed after 10pm at night! It’s just so close to the airport so you don’t have to suffer those rides to the city that will take an hour, which will be restless and tired by then.

Classy . Majestic . 5 Star Service that is all shiny and I know, it’s going to be a really good start for my Guangzhou Experience and my room is waiting for me up there. OMG !!!! Get me in quickly !!!!

Are YOU ready ???? Here we gooooooooo !

WOW with the majestic interior of PULLMAN GUANGZHOU lobby – look at how huge it is … but we’re NOT checking in here! Once at the lobby, i was warmly welcomed by Mr Bernard Bao ( thanks Mr Bernard ! ) , who was professional to check with my upcoming schedules and plans in Guangzhou .

Even the lift looks exceptionally bright. I told myself, this will sure be a memorable stay. We were ushered to the executive lounge to process our speedy express check-in which is only applicable for EXECUTIVE Guests ( we are! ) .

The executive lounge located at level 6, exclusive for executive guests has an express check-in and check-out service with free tea, juices and coffee round the clock as well as the place where you can enjoy your breakfast the next day without going to the other restaurants downstairs. Check-in was pretty fast that takes us less than 3 mins to get our room keys and a good night sleep awaits us.

A brightly-lit curved corridor that leads us from the executive lounge and i’m too excited to see how my executive room will look like after all the checks-in and feeling weary !

A glowing peek of our executive twin room that faces the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel – looks very cosy when i first stepped in, and despite it being so near to the airport, there’s no loud noises that you’ll usually hear from the runway – windows are sound-proof !

Crunch into those healthy fruits after landing and checking into Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel – every executive room will be rewarded with a fruit basket to complement with your stay here in Guangzhou.

Awwww … as i go bouncing on the beds … they’re just so so so comfortable and shiok ! The 2 pillows that are extremely cushionary and one that is so big that it just fits for my head to lie on whilst the one at the end is for me to lie my legs on it and i really love how my legs slowly adapt into those comfort that i really need it much whilst it sinks slowly for the well deserved sleep.

Need to get your work done? Each executive room is equipped with an executive desk with an extended glass table to put your documents while you work away – i love the idea of the table as i don’t have to squeeze all my things on one table and it does have this table lamp that you can adjust the brightness and height while you work throughout the night without affecting your partner sleeping at the back with the lights. Not forgetting a rotatory TV that you can rotate around on the wardrobe with many channels like Channel NewsAsia, National Geographic and many more.

Look at how spacious the room is ! At the side of the twin beds, there is a very comfortable arm-rest sofa that you can lie and sleep away – i’m just amazed by how it can allow my legs to be fully extended and occupied without even leaving it mid-air and it is very very comfy.

I always love to chill on the sofa because it is so relaxing and you can just admire the planes flying off outside the windows!

Enjoy a sip of the wine or brew your coffee or tea while enjoying the lovely view or simply the comfort of the room at the mini-bar section in your room with lipton and nescafe, all at your pleasure.

Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel has this transparent bathroom that you can enjoy a view of your room while you bathe away, but if you’re feeling shy, you could have the linens down for privacy! The bathtub is good to fit me in that you can enjoy a bubbly bath in this bahtub, and if you don’t like to lie and bathe, you can choose the other shower right at the side, the standing shower.

The standing shower features a stronger boost of water with a rain shower on the top or the one that you can hold while you bathe. It encloses the area with glass door which has ample spaces to move around in the area but i will prefer the bath tub because you can simply just lie and bathe while enjoying the comfort without standing.

Pamper your skin with high-quality soap, lotion and shower gel from Roger & Gallet Bois d’Orange to get those tiredness off your skin, as well as razors, sanitary pad ( yes! ) , shower cap, toothbrush and toothpaste all in a package, so that you don’t have to worry what is missing on your trip for your amenities – all well-prepared for your stay !

Complimentary mineral water is provided during your stay at GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL and a tap that you can simply turn on to get portable drinking water, without even boiling it! Ample towels are provided for 2 pax and a hair dryer to blow your hair that seems strong enough to dry within 5 mins! I really love how spacious the bathroom is for me to walk around without hitting the toilet bowl and the shower !

Practise YOGA while facing the airport, all at your comfort in YOUR ROOM! Now you will love Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel even more with keeping you fit, even on the go and imagine yourself on some mountains with a breathtaking view!

Whilst you’re trying to get yourself balanced on that yoga mat, tune into some classical music on this stereo radio with many local channels and you can even set a snooze alarm, in case you fall asleep in the midst of practising ( hopefully not! ).

Don’t forget to check-into the wardrobe for more treasures besides the yoga mat lying inside! There’s an iron board and an iron for you to do some last minute ironing , some pajamas that you can wear to sleep as well as extra pillows up at the top for more extra comfort when it’s too comfy already!


Wake up and indulge in the executive lounge for your hearty breakfast, only for executive guests. At the executive lounge, you can enjoy free tea, coffee and juices from 7am till 12 midnight, free photocopying and receiving faxes up to 10 copies, computers and printers for you to surf the internet and print documents, a venue for you to chill out, check-in and check-out at your convenience.

You can simply laze around in the executive lounge to watch TV Programmes, enjoy a cup of coffee whilst having a meeting in the meeting room – where executive guests can enjoy free 2 hours of usage of meeting room in PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL.

There’s a pretty big selection of food for breakfast from curry to salads that you can keep yourself healthy to some cute bunny pau for local cuisines before you head off to another city!

Indulge and loves sweet things even more with cakes, all time favourites chocolates coco-crunch and wow, can’t believe there’s donuts too! Plenty of pasteries and french toast and french loaf, but how much can your stomach fill all these good food? Don’t forget to top up with fruits too, for a healthier diet after all these sweet foodies !

Enjoy a hearty breakfast with all local and american cuisines without even travelling the world, but all in comfort at PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL. A meal that keeps you full, before you set off to your next destination!


Enjoy the convenience to check-in directly from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel and grab your boarding pass without even queuing up at the airport! Similarly, you can also check your flights before you head off to the airport, in case it is cancelled or delayed! That’s the good thing about Airport Hotel – you get all the airline information at your fingertips!

Get fitter and get rid of those excess fats by working out at the GYM in PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL – a pretty small gym but with all the proper equipments and an instructor to help you out with your workouts!

Rejuvenate your body and soul at the reflexology room. Your feets will need this very much, after a long flight or before you set off for the next, pamper ’em under the skilful arms of the massage therapist that your feets won’t complain for its negligence 😛

Enjoy a cooling dip at the pool while you wait for your transit flight, at PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL, only limited for guests ! The temperature and PH of water is closely monitored so you will be assured on the quality of water and just swim !

There’s also a sauna that you can enjoy after a swim ( you need a swimming cap to get into the water ! ) as well as a hairdresser salon to get some last minute hair-cut before you fly off again!

Not to forget, there’s a tennis court and a golf course ( yes! ) in PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL so you can practise your favourite sport again, without even requiring to find it in the city !


As we bid goodbye to our 1 night stay after we touch down onto the grounds of Guangzhou, it was all speedy check-out at 2pm in the afternoon and i really miss the place that has given me lots of lovely memories on this 5 star experience! We were connected on a buggy that drives us to the airport which is just a minute reach from PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT Hotel so you don’t have to carry your luggage all the way to ther airport terminal !

I will definitely stay in this 5 star property at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel because it is the only hotel that is just opposite to BAIYUN AIRPORT and you don’t have to suffer another hour of ride to the city, so you can finally have a well deserved rest right after you land and it’s that close to the control tower at GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT !

Now is a good time to pack your bags for a holiday! When will you be checking in on your next adventure to Guangzhou? Luxurious . Convenient . High Quality , this is Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel , a hotel that sustains high standards across its brand! See you again, PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL !


Be mesmerized with the 5 star comfort, at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel , through our video review above.

EXECUTIVE GUESTS enjoys the benefits:

  • Express Check-in / Check-out at EXECUTIVE LOUNGE on 6th floor in EAST Wing.
  • Breakfast at Lounge from 7:00am to 10:00am
  • Daily complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks at Executive Lounge from 07:00am and 24:00pm
  • Daily Happy Hour from 17:30 to 19:30 at Executive Lounge
  • Daily complimentary English or Chinese newspaper
  • Complimentary Internet access in guest room and at Executive Lounge.
  • Free use of Meeting Room for 2 hours in Executive Lounge, subject to advanced reservation and availability.
  • 1 complimentary piece of ironing per stay opening hours: 08:00-20:00
  • Free charge of receiving fax and photocopy service ( Max 10 pages )
  • Late check-out until 3:00 pm subject to availability
  • Free shuttle service to/from the airport Deperature Hall.

    Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l Airport
    Renhe Town

    TEL: (+86)20/36068866

    This stay is made possible, thanks to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Hotel . LAND AND SLEEP AWAY, only at PULLMAN GUANGZHOU BAIYUN AIRPORT HOTEL. Book ONLINE or check out their FACEBOOK FAN PAGE for more information now.