SHILIN 士林夜市 TAIWAN Night Markets – the night hunt begins

Located near, but not at Shilin MRT station ( which 1st time visitors might confuse it with the night market! ) – the shilin night market is a famous night hunt for food, clothes, shoes and more food when your tummy is growling for food. Forget about those restaurants – go deep to the night markets and try your taste buds on the different local cuisines like the smelly tofu, fried chicken cutlet that is so BIG, all-time-favourite sotong ball that is so chewy with the crunchy sotong inside and famous taiwanese sausages, there’s too many food that you’ll be spoilt for choices!

Every journey starts off here, at JIAN TAN MRT STATION [ 劍潭站 ], where SHILIN Night market is just a brisk walk away. There’re 2 Night markets – 1 sheltered, while the other in the open further down the road from the station. Beware of the traffic because there’s too many cars that i almost got knocked down on my 1st night there when a motorcycle just zoom pass me hitting my thigh!

Shilin Night market is the place where it’s bustling with night activities – shopping, food and many more goodies that you can grab here ( which i did before i return home ) but it’s a place that locals do not like most because the traffic is horrible that they can’t find a place to park their cars and it’s said to be more expensive as compared to the others because of the popularity among tourists!

The Shilin Night market is divided from food to clothes to accessories and there’re lots of great bargains you can find here in the night market from branded bags where they’re on sales by geunine shops to basic amenities all for good prices. However, pickpocket are also common in crowded places, so keep your eyes on your bag while you grab these great bargains.

Food is just plentiful across the night market that you will UPSIZE before you return back home. This is a popular chinese cuisine where you chew on the intestines and crunchy pork meat!

SO BIG Juicy sausages that can keep you full for the night – a MUST TRY finger food that it tastes really good with those chunks of fats mixed with chicken and pork! Yummm!

Amazingly, PAU is my 1st food that i tried in taiwan because i was so busy running around places from the time i landed and i had to eat the pau for lunch to travel to other places!! Full of vegetables mixed with chunks of meat – it’s heavenly!

A close look at the vegetable pau that i bought at a roadside near my AT BOUTIQUE Hotel – i love how fully-filled the vegetables are inside the pau!

One of my all-time-favourites – the succulent Sotong Ball – loves it hot and chewy sprinkled with seaweed and mayonnaise just makes it a food haven! Look at how sizzling hot it is!

Look at how yummy it is – chewy and crunchy with all mixing in your mouth – YUMM-licious – i can feel my saliva drooling now!

Queue has always been very long for this 豪大大鸡排 store – famous for its crispy chicken cutlet that is VERY BIG to fill your stomach for dinner. A MUST TRY and worth awaiting and queuing up for! Priced at about $2.40 each with bones inside the cutlet sprinkled with black pepper, you won’t even get sick of eating this!!!!!!

Another must-not-miss drink – the egg frog, not really frog eggs but it looks like and mixed with cooling red bean, milk and more. It is so refreshing after a meal and walk around Shilin Night Market!

Feeling Hungry? I tried the lotong by taking all the yummy yong tau foo and it’s cooked after filling the yong tau foo in the bowl. Dipped with the sweet sauce and soy sauce, a must try with the oolong noodles that is so smooth and yummy! Irresistible!

Do you have the guts to try the smelly tofu? The smell might be pleasant for some while not very welcoming for many like myself – it doesn’t taste good 😛

The night is still young at Shilin Night market – there’s so much to do from shopping for clothes to sunglasses to eateries like mango ice – very cooling for the hot weather! The place for you to add on to your shopping bags!

Right opposite the Jian Tan Mrt Station, there is also a big sheltered night market that also consists of the stalls that you’ll see above that are down the streets. A little squeezy for that the stalls are enclosed together under a roof, so you might prefer the open space right across it.

Shilin Market is easily accessible by train or bus from any bus stations from the TAIPEI MAIN STATION as well as major districts as it’s a popular tourist attraction as compared to other night markets.

What’s your favourite Night Market? Night Market is an excellent place to grab your food, clear your shopping list as well as spend your night here! 🙂

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