Exploring YehLiu GeoPark 野柳地质公园 by foot!

A MUST-GO destination for every visitor who visits Taipei, the beautiful nature rock formations is rewarding despite a long journey from Taipei – about 1 hour from Taipei Main Station and a 20 minutes walk from the main road to the entrance.

In order to visit YehLiu GeoPark, ensure that you’ve checked the weather forecast so that you won’t be drenched in the rain and spoiling your mood thereafter. A blue sky welcoming us while we travel on the highway… reaching nearer to our destination.

The coach to Yehliu Geopark from Taipei Main Railway station is priced at TWD 96/pax or TWD 78/pax for card holders and you can board the coach towards JinShan for an hour enjoyable ride. You will be dropped off at a spot far away from the entrance of a small road towards YehLiu and expect a 15-20 mins walk under the hot scorching sun. No worries if you’re hungry because there’s always convenience stores, restaurants and even a temple for worship along your way towards the geopark!

Doesn’t this look like the buildings of the old times? It’s a peaceful stroll facing the sea whilst you enjoy the breezy wind sweeping across your face – now that’s a true relaxing vacation. Along the way, there are also many seafood restaurants, thanks to the fishermen who went on their sampan to catch the fish and later on, selling them to tourists and locals.

Along the way, you’ll also see boats and fisherman along the shores during noon and how nicely crafted the boats are decorated with the plastic bottles all around it.

Can you spot me in the photo? There are many group tours to the YehLiu GeoPark and if you’re on free & easy, you can simply purchase the ticket at promotional price for international students at TWD 30 and TWD 50 for adults to access the geopark.

The ticket to our admission into YehLiu GeoPark at TWD 50 – there are also group admission prices and did i mention that you’ve to pay for some informative brochures to guide you along the park?

After a few miles of hiking the steep slope, we’re now in the Yehliu Geopark with a nature rock formation that seems like a landmark opposite the main park facing the sea. Beautiful wonders isn’t it with the mountains as the background?

The iconic Yehliu Princess formation – a stand-alone which is near the exit and a short hike from the entrance. You’re always advised not to touch the mushroom-head rocks to prevent corrosion and affecting the growth of these mushroom heads.

The Yehliu Geological Park also features a breathtaking place where it is so close to nature and the blue sea – been breezy to get away the hot heat. The park is also very big that you can spend more than 2 hours exploring the place – climbing stairs up and down, snapping photos and try to examine the rocks – how mysteriously formed they can be!

Yehliu also features its famous natural formations of these mushroom head rocks that are formed over thousands of years and you can see a land of these rocks across the area.

Facing right towards the sea, the waves can be quite strong and the rocks might be a little dangerous to go down just for photography so always be aware and don’t fall into the waters!

Another breathtaking view of these natural mushroom head formations on the high grounds of Yehliu with a white lighthouse to guide the ships at the peak. Never touch onto the rocks because it will cause corrosion and damage to the growth of these mushroom head rocks.

How can we miss a self-shot with the mushroom heads at Yeh-liu Geological Park? A close-up snap of this magnificent place makes my face look a little bloated and the sun is scorching hot for the weather.

A back-shot with the mushroom heads and the lighthouse – looks magnificent isn’t it when they’re formed by the nature geological force standing proudly for some photography shots.

There are danger signs across the place and yet, a man like this tried to risk his life amidst the strong wind and waves just for photography and up to his mischief to get close to the waters and not knowing the risks and damage to the rocks when he stepped on ’em.

The Yeh-liu Geopark is about 1.7km big with these natural formations of the cape and there’re these bridges being laid to link one place to another with different shapes of formations across the geopark.

Beside enjoying the natural formations of yeh-liu, a stroll along the place admiring the breathtaking views of the sea and the surge of water up the rocks is very much enjoyable to spend your afternoon here.

The only standing statue that reminisces the guy who jumps into the water to save some kids drowning in the water – hero!

If you’re adventurous and have the energy for more, hike your way up to the peak for a breathtaking view of the island using the staircases. It’s worth the effort for photography while enjoying the breeze and capturing those moments.

Honeycomb Weathering rocks that looks like the bee wax formed by the hardworking bees and they’re spread throughout the area on the ground with holes.

Sea groove is formed as the surface of concretion is eroded by sea waves while the concretion developed in a position vertical to the cape, hence a bridge was built to link the 2 capes together with waves gushing in at the bottom.

Some weird submarine-like rocks at the shores of Yeh-Liu are resulted by the corrosion and weather conditions over-time.

The famous Queen Head where tourists fight for space and chance to snap with the Queen Head yet not knowing they’re hurting the growth of the Queen Head should they knock onto it.

Phenomenal view of YehLiu with linking capes together via a bridge and a land of rocks of different sizes and shapes across the island – sun-tan here ?

After snapping and hiking the land of rocks, end your tour at the market of food and souvenir – a place you can grab some local delights and souvenirs at this dry market – prices can be bargained and buy in bulks will get your better discounts.

The Yeh-liu Geological Park is definitely a MUST-VISIT popular attraction for a family day-out whenever you visit Taiwan – located 1 hour away from Taipei City and 20 mins from Keelung. There’s a regular 15-30 mins bus to Keelung priced at TWD78 for concession cards and TWD96 for passengers who pay by cash.

Yeh-Liu Geological Park
Address: No.167-1, Kantung Rd., Yehliu Valley,Wanli District, New Taipei City 20744, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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