SUNSET Moments: IMPRESSIVE Prambanan Hindu Temple immersed with Parangtritis Beach

JUMPS at Mt Merapi and Borobudur Temples aren’t sufficient to make you fall in-love whole-heartedly at wonderful Yogyakarta! Our Jump! exploration continues at the 9th century Prambanan Hindu Temple and ending the day exploration with a magnificent sunset at Parangtritis Beach – the most famous beaches in Yogyakarta.

Prambanan Temple

This UNESCO precious gem built in the 9th century is another big discovery that we stumbled and made a visit on our trip to Yogyakarta. Being the most majestic and largest Hindu Temple in South East Asia, there’s no reasons why you shouldn’t make a visit to this beautiful monument near the city – just 18km away.

Prambanan Temple is located within a reach from the city by local bus at 40 cents and you can reach this precious gems near evening to enjoy an amazing sunset view at the backdrop which it was indeed very crowded when we reached there at around 5pm local time for this monument.

Carefully laid by stones in the olden days and originally having 227 temples on-site, many of the temples have already been damaged and left scattered around the grounds due to earthquakes like the one that we see behind are among the 6 proud standing sculptures lying on-site!

Go even closer to witness and “touch” on these real-life monuments – Prambanan Temple that has undergone long histories that you can climb the stairs, go through those alleys within the sculptures and try to go through different levels for different explorations.

Similar to the Borobudur Temple, the Prambanan Temple features an alley that visitors can stroll along for different angled-views of the temples and surroundings – pretty quiet when we’re at each level!

Another similar feature with the Borobudur Temple – be amazed with sculptures engraved on the panels and outer walls of the temple and you’ll be able to notice that there’re palm-liked engravings, also known as kalpataru tree which are supposedly engraved between the animals sculptures like lion, birds, deers and more to fulfill wishes and sacred.

The 4 faced Brahma statue present within the Brahma Temple – a little dark and spooky for one to enter and explore the vacant space so you need a torchlight before you really step-in! Some of the other temples do not have any such statue, while the rest each having their own statue.

Another majestic views of the other temples and sculptures on-site with a view from the inside – main of front views competing for its heights, adorned by the beautiful orangey-red sunset!

Mesmerized with the gorgeous sunset while strolling on the sandy paths leading to the temples of Prambanan which rises to a height of 45m tall.

Outlining the sculptures of Prambanan Temple which was originally abandoned in the 16th century and later re-discovered & restored in the 1930 which later opened to public and tourists to explore this heritage.

A visit to Prambanan will be incomplete without a hearty jump-shot with this amazing long-history monument with this 6 complex temples standing proudly on-site!

After marvelous discoveries at Prambanan, your journey do not end here. Entertain yourself with a cultural night a few miles away where you can settle for dinner before you’re ushered into the theater. Before that, you’ll witness different musical performances along-side with authentic costumes wore by the dancers whom you can snap pictures with!

Held in an open-air theatre, there are occasional ballet performances held on schedules of the Ramayana ballets on four nights during each full moon between May and October. Watch and admire the 3 hours long performance on hard stone seats that you won’t have anyone kicking your seats and admire the backdrop of Prambanan Temple at night with dim lights shining the majestic monument.

Parangtritis Beach

Besides spending your sunset moments at Prambanan Temple, the Parangtritis Beach is another alternative for its gorgeous sunset complement with the raging sea waves that makes a trip here memorable.

Who will ever thought of having a jacuzzi… at a beach? Well, Parangtritis Beach offers natural jacuzzi ( calcium water! ) that you’ll enjoy at its best with the hot natural spring water and breezy winds – simply a relaxing vacation !

Go on a crazy adventure across the beach on maximum speed of the and be mesmerized of the beautiful sceneries and waves!

Who says you cant go the relaxing way? Hop onto a horse ride complement with the waves and sunset – the most blissful way to enjoy life on an escapade!

Parangtritis Beach has a breathtaking view of not only the sea… but sun dunes when you ride your way into the beach. Stacks of sun dunes are all together and quite high like those you see to stop the cars from falling off the cliff on a slope – exact same height or higher than that!

Lastly, ending our little jump here with the breeze sweeping across our faces – go as high as we can for joy! *victory jump*

The fun does not end… here! More episodes of Yogyakarta will be launched bits by bits so check ’em out all here at Yogyakarta Category!

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  1. A well long written post with beautiful pictures. Will try to go to this place one day. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Sy Reply:

    Yogyakarta has been a magnificent place to visit for its magificent attractions! =)

    Thanks Wilson for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Sy, good to see you’re going places. I heard that the temples here only open at 6am but the sunrise is about the same time therefore you will miss the early part of the sunrise.

    Sy Reply:

    Hello David,

    Yes! You will have to set off at 4am in the morning to spot the sunrise which was initially planned but we decided to give it a miss – it’s too early but it should be worth the effort though! 😉

    Borobudur Temple is another one that is famous among photo-enthusiasts to snap great sunrise photos so another place where one will have to wake up really early or stay nearby at the hotel for the sunrise!

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