Top Accommodations in Yogyakarta – luxurious private hotel to 4 stars hotels

When you’re in Yogyakarta, you certainly will love to enjoy a comfortable accommodation to rest, indulge in the facilities and make yourself feel like home after a long day of expedition around the city. Now where’s best to stay and truly experience the Yogyakarta culture and heritage?

On our 4D3N trip in Yogyakarta, we stayed across a span of hotels from private boutique hotel to 4 star hotels and another resort type of hotel which has a backyard and garden to welcome you when you land your prints at the hotels.

Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel

Have you stayed in a private hotel that is only for you and your family members? Sounds too good to be true but you can have the whole hotel to yourself only at Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel which includes the backyard, dining area, bulters and more at the best services to serve you for all your needs!

Enjoy a refreshing ginger drink with the cool wet towel to refreshen up and get ready to explore this beautiful private hotel from rooms to another. Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel has 4 suite rooms from Royal Suite – the biggest and most majestic which yours truly stayed in to Javanese Suite to Raffles Suite to Western Suite – a long-awaited vacation starts here with everything personalised and exclusive in this authentic traditional house.

Live like the locals – immerse in the local heritage and culture with a display of the bicycle used by postman in the old days standing near the entrance of the private hotel!

Live like a king in Borobudur Suite at Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta with a living room and television where the other suites do not have any television, a main dining area where you can enjoy your meals, a private king size bedroom as well as a super majestic bathroom that looks like the ones used by the rich!

Featuring a view of rows of plates and bowls that are used for decorations ( don’t break ’em! ) and making the place look very antique with many traditional furniture to match with the atmosphere of experiencing the culture which was indeed build by One of Darah Dalem from the Family of Kasunanan in 1814 at Kampung Sewu and now owned by one of his grandchildren Susuhunan Pakubowono Kasunanan X of Surakarta Palace.

Linking the living room and bedroom, there’s a small dining area where you can enjoy the amenities in-room like tea, coffee and many more. Just next to it is the bedroom – a very spacious and comfortable room!

Enjoy a stylo bedroom with modern designs and small stairs to lead to superior king size beds as well as a small couch for you to lie and relax with a row of wardrobes for you to store your clothes on your stay at Rumah Sleman Private Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta. There’re also no extra beds if you’re deciding on one due to the concept of a private hotel and the Raffles Suite is very suitable for those on honeymoon because…….

One of the biggest suite has also the most majestic bathroom that looks like one for a king – with a crown-shaped scope for you to enjoy a bath in this rectangle space like an observatory and a seperated space for standing shower and the toilet – looks pretty cool isn’t it?

In the biggest bathroom, there’s 2 basins where your partner and you can each use an individual basin without obstructing the way. Similar to 5 star hotels, there’re lots of towels for you to use to freshen up your day as well as the big space for you to walk within the bathroom! Classy and beautiful to brighten the mood!

Usher your guests to a cosy setting with seats like royals and you will be treated with traditional Javanese food like oneh oneh, kueh and more. However, service is a little slow which takes almost 15 mins for an internet cable to be delivered and i will rather walk to get the things myself than waiting for the bulter to arrive.

The 2nd most luxurious suite with a seperated work area with tables and arm-rest chair for you to work has a different designs from the Raffles Suite. The Javanese Royal Suite Room boasts a traditional warm setting with cosy javanese style of king-sized bed – a good night sleep guaranteed. If you haven’t known, the Javanese room possesses Original Ceramics from Han and Ming Dinasty as well as having an Original Job Desk owned by Sultan PB X from Dutch.

The Raffles Suite is simple yet contemporary with its designs and has a western style of decorations in the spacious room. Do you know that the Original Head Bed was from Kasunanan Royal Palace Solo? Yes it is and i can’t wait to crash into the bed for a good sleep!

The only twin suite room in Sleman Hotel Yogyakarta, it also has lots of space for you to roam around between each beds and beautiful designed for the modern demands and experience.

If you notice close enough, this private Sleman Hotel has lots of portraits and sofas for you to sit around and immerse in deep thoughts while lazing around in this traditional house which has wifi throughout the property.

Play, relax and chill at the pool table with your group of friends when the dusk came and when there’s nothing much you can explore around the area – now that’s entertainment and bonding sessions!

Don’t be surprised by how lively the portraits may look because there’re too many within the boutique private hotel that you bounce into “them” wherever you head for ( even in the rooms! ) and have always been crossing fingers that the eyes won’t move or something but out of nowhere while you’re passing by and sorry for the disturbance, you’ll bounce into a bulter.

Be close with the padi fields and villagers behind this private boutique hotel – a great place to enjoy your morning yoga or simply breathe in fresh air in the heart of the village.

Grand Quality Hotel Yogyakarta

GQ Hotel, a 4 star property located in bustling city is a convenient place to stay in for you to reach out to famous attractions like Prambanan Temple and shopping districts are just 15 mins away from this hotel.

Indulging after a day of continuous activities, we checked into Grand Quality Hotel Deluxe Room which is pretty comfortable with its twin beds and pretty much walk-space as well as a view of the city from our wide-room windows!

Quality twin-size deluxe beds which are soft and i guess the tiredness overpowered me to fall
asleep almost instantly after lying flat on the bed!

The Grand Quality Hotel also has a spacious bathroom with a mirror and a bathtub with a weak shower – a little turn might scald you so be really cautious on that!

Puri Artha Hotel Yogyakarta

If you’re up for a resort-type of stay in Yogyakarta, I’ll recommend Puri Artha for its double storey hotel located at both side of the roads that has a strong feel of resort – traditional doors and wooden designs with a mini garden like you’re in alice in the wonderland!

A javanese feel of hotel room, the Puri Artha Hotel has over 70 rooms and provides free transfer to Malioboro, a shopping district for all its guests. The hotel does not have any lift hence you’ll need a bulter to help you with the luggage up to the 2nd floor of the hotel.

Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta

Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta is another hotel with a resort-type located up on the hills and places very much emphasis on designs of facilities. Here above is a 1 bedroom suite at Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta.

A unique maze kind of swimming pool with a bar near to the end of the pool just makes me fell in love in the Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta – look at how luxurious it will be – just swimming and lazing around!

Don’t forget to indulge in the private spa under professional hands – i love how designs are importantly emphasized along this walkway where you do feel like a celebrity going for a true relaxation!

RUMAH SLEMAN Private Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta [ Website ]

Jl.Purboyo No. 111,Warak Kidul, Sumberadi, Mlati, Sleman
Yogyakarta 55288 – INDONESIA

GQ Hotel ( Grand Quality ) [ Website ]

Jl. Adisucipto No. 48 Yogyakarta – 55281 Indonesia

Puri Artha Hotel [ Website ]

Jalan Cendrawasih No. 36, Demangan Baru Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia

The Jayakarta Yogyakarta [ Website ]

Jl. Laksda Adisucipto (Jl. Solo) Km.8, Yogyakarta

Hotel Saphir Yogyakarta [ Website ]

Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 38 Yogyakarta, 55001 Indonesia

Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta [ Website ]

JL Laksda Adisucipto KM 8.7 Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta 55282

Now you do know which hotels you will like according to your preferences from resort to private boutique to city hotels and make a wise choice based on your intended style of vacation! 😉

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