Less than $300 to Korea? I flew.

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A direct flight to Korea, where it sparkles ( yes i know ) will spend you approximately $900 to $1500 for a range of flights from Star Alliances to normal flights like China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Asiana Air, Singapore Airlines. Well, what takes us just $300 to get to Korea, by flying ( not walking, cruise or the coach transits that will be ages to reach ) which is almost 3 times lower than the normal prices?

Strategic Planning and showcasing the spirit of grabbing.

Indeed, we planned our flight timings in the case that i do not have to suffer night flights ( not a great fan of night flights to suffer those loud engines while i sleep ) and a promotion came by on the Philippines largest airline ( CebuPacificAir.com ) for a startling price of PHP 888 per way from Cebu to Busan or Incheon. That was just 3 months ago after i returned from my Manila – China trip and my credit card suffered another round of swipping despite my bank already bleeding from the previous trips over the months.

$300 flight for a less than 12 hours flight, with transit?

The cheapest way is to transit in the PHILIPPINES. Because Cebu Pacific Airlines is a low cost carrier based in the PHILIPPINES, it’s cheaper to transit in Cebu than Manila as Cebu is not the capital of the Philippines and not many passengers will transit in Cebu due to the low traffic and accessibility from Singapore – 3 carriers fly from Singapore that include Cebu Pacific Airlines, Tiger Airways and SilkAir.

Considering that, we decided to fly into BUSAN, which again isn’t the capital of Korea and this will lead to saving those money for hefty taxes in Seoul Incheon and BUSAN is located just 2 hours 30 mins from Seoul by KORAIL Bullet Train and it’s 2 cities exploration in one trip!

No Airport Sleep

After my china trip, i told myself that i will never endure such sleep at the airport, where time is ticking slowly whilst you await for the next morning flight at 5am and you’ve 5 hours of worthless waiting without the ability to do much except some coffee to keep you await throughout the night. It’s tiring because i hit my bed after i landed and slept till the evening and the following few days to replenish the sleep. Hence, i do not encourage sleeping in an airport, unless it does have conducive facilities for you to feel safe and in the meanwhile, a comfortable sleep else say NO to sleeping at an airport, i rather check-into a nearby hotel and get a good rest before i continue my outbound trip.

Less than $300 but with full on-board premium experience?!

If you have met me in real-life or through my photos, you know that i do have long legs and my legs are always cramped in budget airlines that i can’t even stretch them so it’s always a torture to hop onto a budget airline to save those costs. Be surprised but yes, i booked a premium seat that has almost 3 times more leg space than the normal cramp seats that my legs will probably numb and handicapped after a 4 hours flight. A premium seat is incredibly cheaper than the other low cost carrier, at $5 per way which is very reasonable for a upgrade on 4 hours 20 mins flight.

Upgrade or cramp your legs?

And i did not regret upgrading myself to a premium seat because it’ll not be tolerable with those constraints of reclining and my leg all cramped for the journey and premium seats are 3 times wider than the normal seats.

So how long did we take?

11 hours = 3 hours 40 mins from Singapore to Cebu + 3 hours transit + 4 hours 20 mins from Cebu to Busan. It’s a long road but i didn’t mind much about it because our transit allows us to get out of the immigration and have lunch before we go on-board again for the connecting flight hence time is a breeze to connect the flights.

The Maths

Tiger Airways Singapore- CEBU
$65 Base Fare + $15 Taxes + $8 credit card convenience fee = $93

Cebu Pacific Airways CEBU – BUSAN – CEBU

Base Fare PHP 1,776.00
BP – Passenger Service Charge PHP 859.19
Fuel Surcharge PHP 1760.0
Web Admin Fee PHP 160.00
Seat Reservation(Premium Seats) PHP 400.00
TOTAL: PHP 4955.19 ( SGD $146.85 )


Base Fare PHP 888.00
Fuel Surcharge PHP 652.5
Web Admin Fee PHP 160.00
Seat Reservation PHP 200.00
TOTAL: PHP 1900.50 ( SGD $56.32 )


The Risk

Of course, cheap tickets come with a price – Delays or Cancellations or Missing connecting flights. The worst that every traveler fails is cancellation of your flight where you’ll be flown on the next flight or on budget airlines, no refunds like travel credit funds were issued and you’ll forfeit your latter connecting flight. At least a delay or missing your connecting flight will land you in the transit country and you get to enjoy the new country than stuck in your homeland where all your holiday plans are ruined.

To be a travel enthusiast, you have to brave through these challenges and fears despite you cant foresee them coming and always be prepared for rerouting your travel plans on connecting flights.

Fortunately, we connected our flights from SINGAPORE-CEBU-BUSAN safely and was amazed by how sparkling the city was while we landed ON-TIME, 30 mins before schedule.

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