Busan Korea Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel

Tucked under my cosy blanket with the window semi-opened from the cold breeze of temperature freezing under -2 Degrees, I know I’m finally in my dream destination, Korea. Looking out of my balcony, it was a gorgeous sunrise that slowly paints the picturesque blue sky. A building away lies a soft sandy beach known as the Haeundae beach filled with strolling tourists & locals who are trying to absorb the mother natural warmth for a family weekend day-out.

A well-deserved stay begins at Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel which is an hour from the Gimhae Airport via a luxury express bus. Dropping you conveniently at a street away from Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel where the Novotel Haeundae Hotel proudly stands opposite Seacloud Hotel, the Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel is 1 min walk from the Haeundae Beach, 1 min walk from the Busan Aquarium and 1 min walk from the seafood haven Busan Market. Now smell the convenience and a freedom getaway doesn’t take far to fulfill the dream beach stay.

Entertainment & Food at a reach – you won’t be disappointed to find fast food restaurant chains, pubs and 24 hour convenience stores just below Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel so you won’t have to brave the harsh winds just to fill your stomach during winter.

Proceeding to check-in to our deluxe room at the 9th floor, we’re pleased to be welcomed with a glittering comfortable lobby with ample spaces to sit around in the 4 star business hotel and 3 operational lifts to reach you to your rooms within seconds.

Dragging our luggage after 11 hours flight from Singapore, we can’t wait to indulge in the comfort and luxury of Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel on the 13th floor with a breathtaking view of the Haeundae Beach that takes a simple tap on the electronic key lock to unveil our deluxe twin room.

Be welcomed with a private doorway to your deluxe twin room and surprised with an apartment-like room that is widely-designed and separates the doorway from the room and bathroom.

Enjoy entertainment needs at your service with a wall-mounted television with many international channels from China to Taiwan to Japan and Korea local channels that you can only laugh without making any sense what they are saying. Cushionary sofas are also within the luxury premises of your deluxe twin room as you rest and enjoy a hot delightful coffee from the minibar at your comfort and convenience.

Ready to treat the weary body of travelers, the deluxe twin room has a contemporary, sophisticated furnishing with a soft touch to all the fine details in the room. Rooms are all fitted with latest technologies to meet the easy needs of guests and not forgetting, the spaciousness of rooms with the most breathtaking view of the popular Haeundae Beach to trade the busy lifestyle with freedom and space in the Deluxe Twin Room at Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel Busan.

Quality beds are complemented with soft fluffy pillows to secure a good night sleep and to recharge for more adventures the next day. Despite us staying in a deluxe twin room, the 2 beds differ in size which can sleep 3 pax comfortably on the queen size bed and another single bed towards the window. Designs are emphasized in the room with a cooling glassy backdrop that shines across the room to make it an exceptional stay.

FRESHEN up at a pantry where it seperates the bathroom from the bedroom. The pantry has a private space for you to wash and dry without going into the toilet. Equipped with premium lotions and soaps from Australia, you know that your skin is well-absorbed with organic herbs and nourishment with vitamins.

Pamper yourself with natural plant-derived ingredients after a refreshing shower for soft skins even during your vacation without neglecting those essential minerals for better glow on your photos! Lotions are also inclusive in the room for extra moisture to your dry skin during winter to keep them moist and smooth throughout your outdoor trip.

Designs are emphasized in the bathroom with taps that look like a stingray and you’ll give a stare or two before you figure whether to rotate left, right or clockwise to get the water flowing.

Waddle in the extra-big bathtub within your bathroom at your own privacy that fits almost any body to sweep those tiredness away and re-energized in the foam bathe under the strong pressurized shower water!

No more manual work yourself! Fitted with the automatic washer on the toilet seat, you can adjust based on your preferences without worrying your bathroom out of toilet paper and many more buttons for you to play around with.

To the right… be mesmerized with the beauty of Busan from your window – a glimpse of the Haeundae Beach which is very popular for tourists who love to bask during the summer and the surrounding natural hotels made it easily accessible to the beach at its doorstep.

A breathtaking beach view crowded with beach-goers despite of the cold winter and soft sandy beach fluttered with sea-gulls made us jump high for a luxurious stay in our deluxe room which is just a minute from Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel!

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  1. The room looks really good!

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    It does look very good, similar to what it was published on the hotel website! Love it for the spaciousness and easy accessibility to attractions like Busan Aquarium!

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