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Immerse in a local homestay to experience local culture and lifestyle? Roomorama.com, an online website that one can search for apartments which are an alternative to hotels, offer the best channel for you to search for a stay hosted by locals for travellers to feel-like-home during their stay abroad. Roomorama.com also extends its hands to worldwide hosts who offer stays for you to experience the best hospitality.

Hooked up with Roomorama.com, we decided to give it a try at a local accommodation that looks very much like a hotel with multiple storeys but not offering full-pledged services that you’ll expect from a hotel, like daily housekeeping, bulter services and room service. After we got our confirmation from the Roomorama folks, we’re all ready to set off to Korea and pleased that Roomorama.com sponsored our 3 nights stay at this local multistorey apartment where we had shared our booking Roomorama.com experience earlier on.

Nested a short distance from the bustling Myeongdong shopping district and a few mins walk away from the subway station, one could escape from the subtle of the city to enjoy a stay in the midst of private residences which is connected conveniently by a stroll up the hill. With the Namsun Seoul Tower glittering with oscillating colours at the backdrop, it’s a worthwhile to hike the climb towards the accommodation at night for the best view ahead of you.

Popular among Singaporeans as a top choice of stay in Myeongdong for a cheaper alternatives to hotels, ibVille is the perfect place to check-in for its close proximity to shopping districts and swarmed by restaurants and round-the-clock convenience stores around the accommodation.

A step into the accommodation, you’ll feel like home because ahead of you lies a cushionary sofa with a personalised check-in counter which is small enough for a group to gather around at each time. On the left, there are also computers for you to surf the internet at your comfort and a printer which is chargeable for guests to print itinerary and maps. Get into the festive mood with a decorative Xmas tree adorned with ornaments that welcomes the guests upon arrival.

Tugging along our luggage towards the end of the corridor, we can’t wait to reveal our room with a key in the knob. With a turn, I was totally surprised with how comfortable and well-maintained the room is. Cool colours are also toned with stripe wallpapers to furnish the room and has contemporary designs that look much like a serviced hotel.

A homestay begins in the twin bedroom with a big queen size bed and a single bed that can actually accommodate more than 2 pax in the room. However, because of the beds, the room looked a little smaller yet has ample space to walk around and hang your laundry along the walkway towards the bed. Beds are sturdy and comfortable enough with ample blankets to keep warm from the freezing winter so your comfort will not be neglected for value.

A TV is also mounted on the wall to minimize the space and adjustable so that you can lie on your bed to enjoy the wide range of international channels and entertainment.

Despite the space constraint, there’s a desk which is good for you to work throughout your stay and basic amenities like tissue box, universal plugs which are ready for rental and chargeable for a refundable deposit. A fridge is also available for storage of chilled items so that you can have them anytime heated at the microwave along the corridor of the 2nd floor.

To keep you comfortable and warm, the ibville also has a movable heater equipped in the room for the comfort of guests to switch it on, should they find the room freezing. Rooms like ours do not allow us to slide open the window as strangers can climb into the room from the exterior first floor although window grills are installed.

Expect full shower from the bathroom at ibVille with its spacious standing area although some rooms are fitted with a bathtub for full showering indulgence that you don’t have to stand! Unlimited towels are also issued during your stay in ibVille although these services are expected DIY from guests. Toiletries and shower gel is also included in the stay but not including toothbrush and toothpaste that you can buy from the nearby convenience stores.

A microwave and toaster are provided at the convenience of guests for you to heat up packaged food that you purchase from the convenience stores and to heat up the bread for breakfast. Simple Breakfast is also complimentary for in-house guests that is the usual butter, jam and bread so don’t expect any more than that in a guesthouse stay.

Heavy laundry? Worry no more because ibVille has 2 washing machines located at the carpark for in-house guests to wash and dry the clothes within hours. Bottles of Detergent are also included for you to turbo-wash the laundry to lighten those load weight during your travels across Korea.

The ibville is an excellent choice for shopaholics and adventurers who love a short travelling time to attractions. An alternative to expensive hotels within the proximity where hotels range more than $150 SGD per night as compared to a stay in ibVille at a reasonable price of less than $100 per night, the ibVille is a choice to make on your next trip to Korea. Enjoy the warmth and true hospitality of local hosts by booking a stay at ibville or many other range of properties include the traditional Hanok Houses that you live like a local through Roomorama.com today.

Still not persuaded? Don’t take our words for granted. Check out the detailed video review as attached in the blog post above for a tour of the property and the twin room.

This review is sponsored by Roomorama.com. Book your next getaway now for a unique homestay experience.

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