My KORAIL Pass KR adventure on Korea RailRoad

Our Video + Photo Experience on the KR 7 days Pass with KTX inside-out!

Speeding across Korea on the KoRail trains, the most affordable way to explore the best of city-hopping is through the KORAIL PASS which is only available to foreign visitors. With the KR Pass, you’ll be able to hook up unlimited rides on the KORAIL KTX and normal trains for a span of days like 3, 5, 7, 10 days all under a pass.

The KORAIL Pass allows you to ride across Korea from SEOUL to Busan and SEOUL to Daejon to Mokpo where you can conveniently link to Jeju Island by ferry from the KTX Station within a duration of 4 hours. SKIP the queue and immediate boarding is possible for passengers possessing the Korail Pass so they can just proceed to the platform and board the trains without waiting at the counter for exchange of their tickets.

There are 3 different trains running on the tracks which include the fastest and most comfortable KTX bullet train that flies at a speed of maximum 300km/hr, Saemaul that was once the fastest mode of transport from Seoul to Busan before the KTX was introduced, Mugunghwa which is the cheapest mode of travel from cities to another and you won’t want to get onto it for far distances due to its speed and comfort. Passengers with the KORAIL Pass will be able to ride any of the 3 different train types, but excluding the normal subways in Seoul or the tourist trains within the country.


Most luxurious mode of transport with assigned seats and the fastest way to get to places, the KTX is very punctual on its departure and arrival at stations on the dot and it travels at an average speed of 270km/hr where it is a breeze to travel between cities. Do you know that it takes just 2 hours 30 mins for express KTX that connects directly from Busan to Seoul and it’s that easy to travel around cities without enduring those long bus rides or travelling by planes just to connect to cities!

Totalling 18 carriages and 808 seats in the general second-class as well as 127 seats in the First Class, the general seats are in a 2 by 2 seat arrangement whilst the First Class are in a 1 by 2 seat arrangement, thus giving more leg spaces and comfort.

The Korea Rail Pass limits pass-holders to ride on the general seats which are all inclusive in the pass and for a minimal fee, the Korea Rail Pass holders can upgrade to the first class seats who can enjoy entertainment and luxury with extra leg spaces and cushionary seats or to the movie class seats where one can watch the wide range of movies while riding to their destination.

Be mesmerized with full-inclined cushion seats and enough leg space that long-legs passengers will not have constraint to stretch their legs below the seats. The front-reclined passengers do not affect the passengers at the back when the seats are reclined so passengers can ride in full pleasure.

Engross in the picturesque KTX Magazine with lots of photography and travel articles that might spark off ideas for your next expedition in Korea on where to go, what to eat & see!

Feeling hungry? Hot pipping food and drinks are available at a reasonable price for purchase on-board the KTX Bullet Train. And other snacks that might keep your tummy for the short moment and your taste buds to indulge in.

Each of the cabin is connected to each other so passengers can walk from one carriage to another easily. Separating the cabin equips vending machine for you to purchase tidbits or drinks to quench your thirst.

Facilitated with toilets at the side of every alternate cabins and cabins seperated with automatic sliding doors, the KTX Bullet Train provides the upmost convenience and comfort during your journey across cities.

Full comfort is promised for guests who desire a luxury experience on the KTX by hopping onto the KTX First Class. The KTX First Class has reading materials like newspapers and snacks for guests to indulge in. Broad leg spaces are also available in the First Class seats which extends the seat width more than normal General Seats.


The Saemaul train connects from Seoul to Busan with a slower speed than the KTX and not as comfortable that you will expect than the high speed bullet train. No entertainment devices are provided on-board as compared to the KTX Bullet Train where there are television installed along the alleys featuring news and many other programmes.

Surprisingly enough to kill the boredom on the long journey across the cities, there is a train cafe found in the 3rd carriage of the train. Sing your voices out in an enclosed comfortable private room or beat those levels in the arcade or grab a drink at the cafe counter are the specialties on both the Saemaul and Mugunghwa trains.


The mugunghwa train is the slowest yet most popular among locals to get to places due to the number of stops that the train makes throughout the route. Swarmed by travellers during peak periods, there’re hardly any space for you to stand and grap a handrail, hence the best place to chill out is at the train cafe where you can grab some food to chomp while you endure those long hours. Of course, always book your seats before you head up, else you’ll end up standing like those in the subways.

Mugunghwa is perhaps the enjoyable ride for those who loves a slow pace to enjoy the scenery along the tracks and not for those who wants a quick getaway to their destination. Fares are of course the cheapest among the other trains but not a wise choice for those who desires for comfort.

So where did we visited?

Making a speedy connection from Busan, we are delighted to ride on the KTX Bullet Train for the first time that connects to Seoul in just 2 hours 40 mins. Very much comfortable and luxury we should say, although we’re a little disappointed that seats cannot be rotated but nevertheless, the standards of the train are high thus making travelling very smooth and speedy.

Hopping onto Suwon which is famous for the folk village where major filming took place for famous dramas like Da as well as the famous fort and a buddhist reclining sleeping buddha temple ( Wawoojongsa Temple (와우정사) ) which is out of the city, that takes us almost 2 hours 40 mins to travel from Suwon City, located in the suburbs of the mountaineous areas.

Mopok is also one of the destinations that we did not miss out on our expedition in Korea where easy accessibility to Jeju is made possible in the city by ferry that takes less than 4 hours. Mopok is possible by transferring trains at Daejeon and travelling hours are almost 4 hours from Seoul.

Check out our exclusive video on the KTX, with photos and videos on where we’ve explored with the KR 7 DAYS PASS below:

More KORAIL Travel adventures will be published under Korea Category where we bring you from Seoul to Busan and more other cities along the route like Suwon!

Sponsored by Korea Railroad for a 7 days adventure, book your next KoRail Pass to city-hop across Korea at your convenience. 3,5,7,10 days are now available ONLINE or at your nearest authorised travel agency.

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21 thoughts on “My KORAIL Pass KR adventure on Korea RailRoad”

  1. Thanks for the sharing! I will be heading to Korea this coming March and planning to get KR Pass as well. I heard that KTX is crowded on the weekend, hence I am worried that there are no more seats available as we are planning to go to Seoul from Busan on the weekend. Any advice on this?

    Sy Reply:

    Hello J-Lim,

    Thank you for your comment and great to hear you’re heading for Korea!

    In fact, i think your route is the same as mine as i got to Seoul from Busan and i was in Korea in December and had some difficulties getting on-board the following scheduled KTX bullet train.

    Hence, if you’re in rush for time, I will suggest that you PRE-BOOK your KTX Ticket at the Ticket Office at your desired time and then get on-board unless there’re seats on the next KTX Trains but they’re usually packed and popular because of its direct express KTX that doesn’t stop at many stops.

    The good thing about the KR Pass is that you can hop onto ANY KTX bullet train without worrying about the price, meaning that there’re usually different prices for different KTX due to the number of stops that it will stop, such as the EXPRESS KTX that doesn’t stop and connect directly will cost 52,700 won ( SGD 58 ~ ) and for other trains that stop at several stops will be about 42,000 won and 47,500 won so there’re always fare differences, but the KR Pass allow you to get on-board any of the trains without any extra fees.

    Have a great trip!

  2. unlimited rides?! Wow!! Cool!! Let say if I buy a 1-day pass from Seoul to Busan and stop at Daegu before heading back to Seoul, I can complete my trip with this 1 day pass? Daebak! I think I really need this pass since I only plan to have a short journey to Busan n Daegu..n to experience riding on a bullet train..hehe. Thanks for the info! 🙂

    Sy Reply:

    Hi Sha,

    Yes, unlimited rides! 😉

    Yes, you can do that, with the 1 day pass that you can purchase at your nearest travel agencies and it does save you a lot like what you’ve mentioned above.

    Have a great first bullet train experience, on the KTX!

    sean Reply:

    if that’s the case of booking ca i book the ticket before i exchange my voucher? or does voucher have to be change before i book the ticket , and does the voucher exchange have to be on the day you travel or can you exchange it ahead of time , lol sorry lots of questions , thanks

    Sy Reply:

    Hi sean,

    I believe that you can exchange the voucher for your KR Pass within 180 days from the day you book your pass on the official site at

    As for the question, you have to book the KR Pass then exchange it, before you can purchase your tickets. You can exchange before your intended travel or on the day of travel.

    All the best.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the detailed info. So you can pre-reserve seats with a KR Rail Pass on the KTX? Can you only do this at a train station vs. online? Or is it only space available with the KR Rail Pass?

    Sy Reply:

    Hi Peter,

    You’re welcome. The KR Rail pass allows you to travel conveniently without paying for any other fees over the period of days. I think you can only reserve seats when you’re there at the train station.

    Have Fun!

  4. Hai, I’ll travel from Seoul to Busan at 27th June & travel back from Busan to Seoul at 1st July. Do you think I can buy one-day pass for 27th & another one-day pass for 1st July?

    Sy Reply:

    Definitely you can. Have fun!

  5. Hi Sylistic,
    I came across your blog while researching on the Korail Pass. I was hoping you could help me out. I am planning a trip to Busan and I was wondering what are the places that the Korail covers. I went to their website but am still confused. Was planning to get the 3 days pass and I am not sure what are the areas it covers. I hope you can help me out.
    Thank you.

    sylistic Reply:

    Hello Jasmine,

    The Korail pass covers all the stations along Seoul-Busan on KTX only (which exclude subway and seoul-incheon airport). You can alight at any of the KTX stations along the way which include Suwon.

    Hope this helps!

  6. I am planning to buy KR pass. Can I travel to Nami Island using KR pass?

    sylistic Reply:

    Hello Yvonne,

    Thanks for your message. Nami Island can be reached to the closest station, Seoul. The KR Pass does not allow travel on subway stations.

    Yvonne Ooi Reply:

    Thanks, now I am less confused. Any suggestion on places to visit for 1 day other than Seoul, Busan and Suwon by using KR pass.

    sylistic Reply:

    If you need to go to Busan from Seoul, then i will highly recommend you to get this pass. Suwon is a must-go, the rest of places are small villages…

  7. hey. i came across your website when i was searching KR pass. may i know how to get to jeju using the pass? quite confuse with all the things that i have read on how getting there. thanks!

    sylistic Reply:

    Hi Easter,

    Unfortunately, you can’t go to Jeju with a KR Pass. You can only take a domestic flight/ferry from Busan/Seoul to visit Jeju. Hope this helps.

  8. Wow, so impressive posting about KTX in Korea! Yes, with ‘Korail pass’, you can travel to out of Seoul like Busan, Kyungju, Daegu etc. If you and your friends are over 2 people, you can buy a saver price pass and also you are between 13 and 25, you can buy a youth price pass. Compared to general KTX price, Korail pass is cheaper and more reasonable than normal price. You can book the pass before you are coming to Korea, or you can buy the pass in ICN(airport). Thank you.

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