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Nestled 2 hours 30 mins away from Seoul, Pyeongchang is famous for its snow sports like skii, snowboarding and more where one will be immersed in the breathtaking picturesque view of mountains capped with thick lush layers of pure white snow glittering under the sun.

Whisking away on a scenic and lush road, we soon arrive at Heonggye terminal which is about 8km mountainous road away from the resort high above the hidden hills. Flagging a cab along the road, it was an inviting scenic view of villages and farms covered by blanket of snow while we made a quick trip up the curvy roads.

Within 10 mins, we finally approached a rustic alpine designed resort-feel where the Holiday Inn Hotels & Suites glows into picture. Braving the strong winds and cold, we tugged our luggage up the stairs and can’t wait to reveal our 1 bedroom deluxe after a check-in that took us almost 15 mins.

Luge of Greenery covering the land of Holiday Inn Alpensia Welcome Centre certainly immersed us into the resort vacation where fresh air is no doubt a necessity up the hills with the impressive snow covering the resort.

Built with the old-feel of cottage and wood, it is an inviting stay with a private balcony en-suited out of the room. Be mesmerized by the enchanting views of the surrounding mountain overlooking the resort, whilst landing your footprints on the tranquil resort, a place away from home for an alluring relaxation.

Be gracefully welcomed by the vivid views from the time you stepped into the 1 bedroom deluxe room. The 1 bedroom deluxe room has a bedroom with a deluxe bed good for 2 guests and a separated toilet that is accessible to the bedroom and living room, as well as the kitchenette near the exit for you to whip up home-cooked food!

Spaciousness is emphasized in the 1 bedroom suite that appears very much like an apartment with fully-equipped amenities for your needs during your stay at Holiday Inn Alpensia.

Fully equipped with knief, glassware, microwave oven and a fridge, there’s no reasons for you not to call this a home away from home! Detergent is also provided for the convenience of in-house “chefs” who need it to wipe off those grease after a meal and guess what, you can drink directly from the tap because the water comes from a natural mountain nearby! Now that’s truly a resort getaway that you enjoy the nature at its best!

Indulge in full comfort in the modern retro living room where you’ll be entertained with local korean channels as well as international channels like BBC and CNN to go with your stay. Chill out on the cozy sofas while the nature breeze sweeps across your face.

Freezing too cold? There’s an indoor fire stove that you can feel the warmth and heat from the stove below the television. A little time is required to get it heated up in full force, which you’ll be thankful for it due to the chilling winds and temperatures dropping below 0 degrees.

Jump into joy with the high-quality deluxe bed and accompanied with 4 pillows of different types, the soft and hard pillows to suit the different preferences of guests. A wardrobe is also available in the suite where one can store their clothes as well as a make-up desk with a mirror for the women who need it most.

With the freezing exterior temperature, the best thing to enjoy is to tuck into the warm blankets and a well-deserved sleep follows on to recharge for more snow adventures.

Ensuited with a full-length bathtub, feel like a regal at Holiday Inn Alpensia! Fitted with full amenities and spanking clean bathroom with a modern furnished touching, the hotel lives up to its name for providing high quality rooms.

Lotions, Shampoo, Moisturizer and Soap are all ready in the suite to pamper your skin and keep it moisturize during the winter before you head out for more indulgence and fun.

Right from our balcony lies a land of snow with different facilities like the basketball court and badminton court that no guests will sacrifice for the cold. Thick layers of ice can be found along the wooden railings of the balcony and thick layer of snow also landed in our balcony when we checked into our suite.

Just a minute walk away from Holiday Inn Alpensia, the Intercontinental Hotel Alpensia is another 5 star resort within the perimeters of Alpensia. Focusing on 5 star luxury experience and indulgence, the Intercontinental Hotel Alpensia fits the budget of travellers who desire the high quality services and comfort.

On The grounds of PyeongChang 2018 winter Olympics, Alpensia is popular among tourists and locals for its snow slopes and affordable equipment rentals to a joyous fun-filled day of activities from the high grounds.

Mesmerized by the beauty of snow right in front of you, why not give yourself a try sliding off those soft snow from the peak? Carefully taught by professionals before you head off the course from Beginner to Advanced, you can have your first Skii experience at Alpensia which is surely memorable!

Build your own snowman or begin a snow-ball challenge right at the doorstep of the alpensia resorts, the Holiday Inn Alpensia is the best choice for its close proximity to food, convenience stores and a backyard away to the famous Alpensia snow mountain where snow skiing and snowboarding actions begin.

Book a stay now at Holiday Inn Alpensia or Intercontinental Hotel Alpensia for the best doorstep to snow activities and indulge in 5 star rooms without bursting your budget, only at

Enjoy a unique mountainous view at Alpensia by booking your stay with for its choice of 3 hotels located at close proximity and a doorstep to skii activities.

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