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Landed near Midnight on the grounds of Cebu Philippines, one will definitely await for a good sleep before you continue your day expedition. Where to re-charge? A newly built 5 star international hotel located in 20 mins within the proximity from the airport and a doorstep to shopping malls and the city area, which is no other than the Radisson Blu Cebu Hotel.

Warmly welcomed by Radisson Blu Cebu at the Cebu Macatan International Airport Arrival, we were ushered quickly among the crowd towards a private car that arrives within minutes. Feeling weary once we stepped into the car, we were surprised by a cooling napkin that refreshes us instantly as well as a bottle of oxygenated water to quench our thirst.

A ride that seems like a city tour inspires and keeps us entertained from the knowledgeable driver who gave us his insights on where to go, where to eat and the local attractions as we breeze towards our hotel. English speaking driver and cosy seats make us feel as if we’re back in our home country towards the 5 star hotel.

Finally a tall majestic building glowing with a shine of blue and a familiar logo appears on the road right in front of us. “That’s the Radisson Blu where you’re going to stay” exclaimed the driver. I took a second glimpse and smiled as more excitement awaits and finally, a place for me to rest my legs after a whole day of city-transiting.

Once we arrive at Radisson Blu Cebu, I was totally surprised with how a brightly lit Christmas tree stands at such a majestic height. Everything was so highly-rised and design-emphasized including the check-in lobby which is about 20 steps away and a European touch for the best hospitality in Philippines Oldest City.

Step into the Radisson Blu Cebu Deluxe Room at 19 floor is simply a haven with its luxurious brightly-lit rooms toned with warm colours for a cosy sleep, and complemented with a magnificent view of the International Port just steps away and a view of the Cebu City.

A few steps away from the door, I threw myself flat onto the comfortable 5 star bed that did not disappoint me of the quality of beds and comfort that one will look forward to when visiting the Cebu City. Boasting 300 over Deluxe rooms with fluffy and overwhelming soft pillows for a good night sleep, nothing’s stopping me for a well-deserved rest straight-away without much thoughts!

Brightly adorned with desk lamp and a computer chair to complement with the desk, you can enjoy your work like you’re at home!

Feeling hungry? The Nespersso can be easily reached with different flavoured CRUS of a range of intensity to keep you awake for your day-out in Cebu or if you’re working late at night, that’s coffee for you, hot from the Nespersso within minutes!

Dunk into those yummy chocolate brownie and chocolates that welcome you upon arrival at your rooms. I love how fresh and tasteful the chocolates are despite us checking in at almost 12 midnight.

Best Hospitality in 5 star hotel with sofas and cushions for you to lie around and watch the flat screen television without sitting on your bed! Contemporary designs are also emphasized in the rooms with unique hanging lights that look like lantern for a different mood of stay.

On-time for day activities and to keep you in the known of what time in the day it is for the early sunrise and to catch the mesmerizing sunrise at the international port, will be memorable for more fun in Philippines!

Fully immersed in 5 star amenities in the bathroom which is one of the best i’ve ever stayed with a unique shower that the knob isn’t directly under the shower but near to the door where you won’t be splashed by the water. Spaciousness is also the key that is emphasized in the deluxe room bathroom with ample space to walk around and a weighing scale to keep you in the loop of how well you’ve been enjoying the holiday!

Accompanied with high quality soaps, shampoos and more that are imported from Australia, that’s how you will pamper your soft skin with these quality products found within your Radisson Blu Cebu Room.

Surprised with the wide range of breakfast that you can help yourself with the yummy international cuisine, you will not be disappointed with the food to keep yourself going for the day!

I was pretty astounded for the types of food served that truly live up to the name of a 5 star hotel for its fresh juices to dim sum to unique local cuisines and more that simply melts in my mouth and to savour for more!

Completely taken a-back by the pork loin which was so so so tasty and crispy. Ever since i returned to Singapore, I’ve been telling my friends how delicious it was with the crispiness of the skin and the soft meat – definitely won’t resist for second round and been missing the taste!

Waddle around in the knee-depth swimming pool to enjoy Cebu’s largest swimming pool, in the premises of Radisson Blu Cebu! Sip a cocktail or bask in the sun, it’s your choice for a relaxing vacation!

Pump those iron and keep fit even on a holiday, at Radisson Blu Cebu fully equipped gym for you to use it at any time of the day. Opposite to the Health Club, there’s also spa and massage for you to enjoy the best hospitality in Philippines under the skillful authentic hands!

Thinking where to host your event? The Radisson Blu Cebu is probably the best choice you can consider for its widely space convention rooms and spacious halls with escalators leading to the hosting area.

Radisson Blu Cebu is conveniently linked to the SM CITY MALL by just a few seconds walk away from the hotel and tightened with high security and checks at the hotel make us feel peace at mind for our stay in the 5 star hotel. With 400 rooms and 20 storey high, I’ll sure be making my way back to Radisson Blu Cebu for my next Cebu Holiday for the luxury yet reasonable rates!

What’s better for guests to have the option to extend their stay and check-out as late as 6pm in the evening, that’s a great initiative and we did, because our flight was at 8pm and we could enjoy city-sightseeing without tugging out bags along and refreshen ourself with a shower before heading back home!

Indulge in the best in Philippines Oldest City, Cebu in International Radisson Blu Cebu for a brand new experience with convenience located at doorstep and service that feels like home.

This stay is made possible, thanks to Radisson Blu Cebu. Experience best hospitality in 5 star international brand now at Radissonblu.com/hotel-Cebu

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