Busan Korea Top tourist attractions

Staying in the Haeundae District at Sunset Hauendae Business Hotel leads us to close proximity to Haeundae top attractions such as Busan Aquarium, Hauendae Beach, Busan Hot Spring and Haeundae Fish Market. Getting to the central areas from the Haeundae District will take you at least 2 subway transits and about 45 mins to reach the biggest fish market as well as Busan Station where you can hop conveniently to other cities like Seoul and Suwon.

Known for its gorgeous soft sandy beach and magnificent views of the shores of Korea, there’s no doubt for its popularity among locals and foreigners to travel down from Korea just for a magnificent well-deserved trip, all ended well with a sunset in the evening.

With hotels like Sunset Haeundae Business Hotel surrounding major sightseeing from top attractions in Busan like the Busan Aquarium to Busan Hot Spring and Busan Haeundae Beach, there’s nothing in Busan you should miss within a short walking distance!

Centrally located in the premises of all other hotels, the Busan Haeundae market is operational both in the day and at night with its specialties – SEAFOOD! Swarm with local and tourists along the whole street, you can enjoy the traditional meals comfortably in the restaurants or roadside food that is pipping hot, as always.

Be blessed with well prosperity and get close to temples near the end of the subway from Haeundae, that will take you about an hour to reach. Well-deserved ride with a scenic view of the surroundings and temple popular among worshippers, make Beomeosa Temple your next stop in Busan!

A must not miss attraction is no other than the LARGEST fish market in Korea at Jagalchi Fish Market Busan where you witness a long endless stalls from the far view. Squeeze your way through and be amazed of the size of sea animals freshly caught and sold at these stalls set up just next to the harbour, and what’s better, you can enjoy them grilled on the spot – now smell the freshness!

Filling hungry? This is one of our favourite meals that we had in Korea – meat wrapped in lettuce and yes, the serving is quite a-lot for 2 pax for the different types of meat to choose from. We had the BBQ-ed chicken meat and grilled meat for a price of SGD 30 and it does really fill our stomach full enough. burppppp!

So where’s next? Follow closely on our korea adventure, only on Sylistic.com Korea Travels!

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