Japan 3.11 Earthquake Commemorative Event – Live from JAPAN


1 year ago, Japan was faced with a startling earthquake which followed by a tsunami on 11 March 2011 along the coastal areas which also included Sendai Ishinomaki and Morioka which was exactly 1 year ago. 1 year later, we sat at Morioka Auditorium for the commemorative event in the Iwate prefecture.

When we stepped into the auditorium, the air was filled with anxiety and quietness as everyone tried to find seats for the 45 mins long ceremony, which started at 2:15pm.

The stage was hung with the banner for “1 year on, Japan Commemorative Event for this special day, on the 11 March to commemorate those who did not manage to live on after the sudden surge of earthquake and tsunami that happened within seconds.”

The commemorative event began with a group of high school choir students who sand some songs to commemorate the event.

It was about 5 mins long choir singing in Japanese with their voices with their actions on the stage.

For the ceremony held in Morioka, the 8 Mayors together with some other special appearance guests like the ex-prime minister were on the stage to mark the 45 mins ceremony which includes a minute of silence.

One of the mayors made a speech on his thoughts which later followed on with a live screening from Japan.

The emperor and empress of Japan together with the prime minister of Japan was invited to the ceremony in Tokyo, Japan where we watched the live screening from Morioka, Iwate prefecture. A minute of silence followed on at 2:46pm local time and the national anthem was sang before it. Next, the emperor also made a speech on his thoughts and feelings on what he can do for the people of Japan.

The ceremony ended at 3:00pm local time.

This trip is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. All opinions are purely mine and published live from Japan.

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