Seoul Shopping Districts… where to shop?

When in Seoul, you won’t be disappointed with the countless shopping districts that might cause your wallet to burst and… maybe your bag too for not being able to hold the weight of your jalan jalan.

There’s preferably shopping districts at almost every city stops in Seoul along the subway line that is walking distance from each other and if you’re tired, you do not have to return to the same subway station but a subway station located just steps away from where you’re. That’s how convenient shopping in Seoul is!


One of the most popular shopping streets for shoapholics to hunt for almost everything from cosmetics to clothes is in Myeongdong which is easily accessible by Myeongdong subway station and once you climb those flight of stairs from the subway, you’ll be dazzled with the beauty of streets of shops ready for you to grab everything at first sight!

Shove your way through the crowd and be soaked in the mood of crazy shopping with SALES, SALES across the shops and amazingly, you get your hands onto samples for moisturizer to hand cream and more. Almost every shop that we went is packed with loads of shoppers as if Christmas has came early and queues are so long that you’ll have to be patient with the wait.

Familiar sight? Famous brand Uniqlo can be spotted almost everywhere in Korea major shopping districts for its fashion wears and winter clothes for all ages. And at Myeongdong, the Uniqlo is uniquely shaped and standing right at the front of the subway entrance. Like a house, isn’t it?

Another Uniqlo in Myeongdong District, that’s how popular Myeongdong is famous for shopaholics. One of the best shots with a brilliant shot of another side of the shopping street – colourful, glittering and bright merged with the backdrop sunset.

Dancing panda for sales? Not really… it’s a promotion for the eye masks with such fascination and entertainment for shoppers! Cute isn’t it?


Another hotspot shopping district is located in Gangnam district which is a little further away from the KTX Seoul station. Flocked with lots of neighboring popular global hotels, Gangnam is loved by many for its convenience and night life at its doorstep.

Christmas is snowing in Seoul…. with many decoratives emphasized along the streets of bus stops in Gangnam district. Now, how can it be comparable to elsewhere? Unbeatable festive mood.

Be dazzled by the bright christmas decorations and lights along the street of Gangnam shining throughout Seoul popular shopping districts.

There’s more shopping districts for the shopaholics to hunt down good bargains and cosmetics throughout each major subways in the centre of Seoul, which also include the subway stations, so you’ll never stop shopping for more!

How to GO:

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Where to stay:

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