Our ANA In-Flight Inspirations & Experiences

Well Known as “Inspirations of Japan“, I flew off on All Nippon Airways (ANA Japan) to Tokyo Haneda with thanks to MOFA Japan on a mission to explore the disaster-hit areas and interact with the locals as well as the helpful NGO who has been contributing to the assistance of these quake-hit areas.

I thought that the flight has inspired me with warm Japanese Hospitality right from the grounds of Singapore by stepping into the plane till I was back home so I decided to share my experiences on-board the ANA Flight.

Armed with our flight itinerary, I was greeted with smiles at the check-in counter and pretty surprised that the counter was empty without any check-in guests queuing up… “So efficient & wow, quick check-in” I told myself as I was then awarded with my boarding pass within minutes.

Boarding the plane, I was warmly-welcomed with wide smiles on the faces of air stewardess on ANA and I could feel the spirit of Japan without even landing on the land of the rising sun from the innovations to the entertainment to the spoken language filling the air.

Truly, every fine details showcased the innovations of Japan. I was pretty amazed by how the seat head-rest can actually bend not only once, but thrice to fit your neck. And what’s better to have the head-rest flexible and able to move up and down freely so that it will not constraint your head at a fixed position. It was my first ever flight with a headrest to support my neck so that i don’t twist and ache my neck after those long hours of flying.

If your amazement just stop here, you’re not expecting the best. Remembered the last time you hated the guy in front of you who reclined his or her seat #likeaboss and constrained your leg space that you hit the seat with your leg (or anything worst?)? Not anymore will this happen because all seats will have the cushion moving forward so that you can stretch your leg and your seat will recline backwards without affecting the person sitting behind you.

Hear the difference. I flew with United and Delta Airlines on my last trip to Japan and the earpiece I was given was a pathetic little budget earpiece that will hurt your ear with those long flying hours and unfortunately, it was spoilt when i received it.

However, i was amazed by the earpiece that ANA provided for in-flight passengers! Although it did not produce superior boost sound, it was good enough for those cushion comfort against your ears that you will be assured of a pleasant entertainment before you land.

Touch the difference. With a 9″ personal TV that you can easily scroll through contents with the use of your own fingers on the screen or alternatively, an extend-able remote control that is stretchable with its thin wires and now you can on/off the light above you, or call for assistance or fiddle around the buttons across channels with it.

However, the channels for entertainment are quite limited in songs and movies, so you won’t be able to find really many popular channels within the entertainment.

FOOD Yummmm

Just shortly after the flight took off, each of us was served with a warm towel to re-fresh ourselves. A bag filled with potato chips, chocolates and a bottle of mineral water to quench thirst was also given to each of the passengers and i thought, even snacks like this are well-presented.

Breakfast was served on my overnight flight to Haneda from Singapore. There are only 2 choices of food that you can choose from, either a Japanese meal that consists of main dish congee or a western meal like above that is packed with omelette, sausages as well as potatoes. The food didn’t taste as good as expected where the egg was actually boiled and soft instead of those fried omelette that I’ll prefer and the potatoes just tasted blend on the taste buds to take on the food at 2am local time for it to taste good.

Accompanied with pure orange juice and apple juices, the food taste a little better while it swam around in the stomach and you slept away… till you land at Haneda.

On my flight back home for Dinner, I decided to choose the Japanese meal to have something local for the last time from Japan. I flipped open the cover of the packaging and the beef did smell good with the authentic Japanese sticky rice. For desserts, there were salads and sweets that was a combination of sweet and sour with the tropical fruits and more all scattered in the plates.

I also tried the tomato juice and it didn’t suit very much to my liking, partially because the taste was too strong and i felt like i was drinking the tomato sauce, just less sweet than that.

Don’t like the food? No worries because the menu on-board changes monthly so you’ll have a variety of different food to taste on… especially the upcoming Crabmeat omelet with steamed rice and Cheese in chicken cutlet for the month of May!!! Now, how i hope i can fly with ANA in May to enjoy this sumptuous dish!


I will grade it above my expectations – very good. Drinks were placed at the pantry with a sign “Please Help Yourself” so i was assuming that if you’re thirsty after going to the toilet, you could get them yourself, or rather the stewardess are lazy to walk around. However, I was wrong. Every 30 mins, the air stewardess will walk down the aisles with a bottle of mineral water and you can freely request for a cup of water. “That’s good service,” I smiled.

Towels were also distributed before you land so that you get to freshen-up yourself before you land at your brand new destination or back home.

Overall, I was satisfied with the quality and service that ANA rewards each passenger even though there were rooms for improvement like more international programs across its entertainment channels, more food choices for different guests ( not everyone will want to have congee for breakfast ) and perhaps, more leg spaces between each row of seats though the hard-back seats do not affect passengers sitting behind them with the constraint spaces but perhaps my long legs just don’t allow me to stretch fully but having to bend and tuck my legs under the seats for a 7 hour flight isn’t great at all.

Here’s some pictures to leave with you as we soar high again, with ANA Japan… soon.

Fleets of ANA Japan parked at Narita International Airport Terminal

ANA Japan Taxi-ing off the runway, ready for take-off.

Shots above the grounds – Goodbye Japan.

Soaring above the clouds across the beautiful horizons accompanied with the sunset.

“Every travels start from the air, not the time you land in a foreign country.”

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This trip is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan.
All opinions are purely mine.

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